Tallinn University of Technology

Partner University: Tallinn University of Technology

Place of Study: Russia, Estonia
Outcome (diploma or credits): Master of Science in Mechatronics (ITMO), Master of Science (Tallinn University of Technology)
Duration: 2 Years, including two semesters in Tallinn University of Technology, 120 credits
Language: English
Application Deadline: 01 July 2018
Admission Requirements: Bachelor's degree in IT, Communications or equivalent with good/excellent grades. Upper-intermediate level of English. For admission to the partner university, IELTS or TOEFL may be required.
Price: 199 000 Rub for Russian students, 219 000 Rub for foreign students (the fee noted is for the first year at ITMO, the fee for the second year will be set by the Partner University)

Career Options:  experts in robotic warfare systems development; medicine, namely: in the fields of surgical robotic technologies, development of various types of exoskeletons and mobile platforms for patients transportation, as well as robot limbs construction; in research institutions and design offices (design and construction of complex technical systems). Therefore, experts in Biomechatronics are in great demand wherever there are machines and equipment that needs to be properly maintained and duly repaired.

In a world of fast-paced science and technology, one could face difficulties in finding a stable and rewarding career. The only way to keep up with the times and reach professional and financial success is to become an expert in the field which will remain relevant for decades to come.

Biomechatronics is a powerful industry which will definitely remain significant to the global economy in the many years ahead. So if you want to have a profitable and sustainable career, this Program is for you!

Biomechatronics is a relatively new science that studies the compatibility of biological organisms with mechatronic systems. This field of studies emerged due to the recent development of nanotechnologies and cybernetics. Nowadays Biomechatronics becomes more and more essential for people's lives. For example, recent years saw the brisk development of man-operated medical robots. Just imagine, the surgeon is staying behind the glass windows of an operating ward with a remote control device while a complex robot equipped with multiple cameras is performing a heart surgery. Impressive, isn't it?

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