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The International Board is a new institution created within the University in 2014 for the purpose of supporting significant expansion of its international activities up to, and beyond, 2020.

Its role is to provide the University with high-level guidance on all aspects of increasing of the University’s competitive position in comparison with established international universities.


The Board monitors and reports the University’s progress towards internationalization and provides feedback, advice and recommendations to the Supervisory Board (the ‘Governing Body’) on re-positioning the University’s global reputation and growing its international network over the next six years.


The main tasks of the Board include:

  • Developing of effective international marketing strategies for the University, including social networking;

  • Selecting, proposing and approaching global and regional strategic partners, networks and collaborations;

  • Targeting and expanding countries' list for international student recruitment;

  • Searching and recruiting of the cutting edge international staff, including Visiting Professors, Researchers, Administrators, Teachers;

  • Selecting international standards for benchmarking the University to its peer-group

  • Gaining of international grants and scholarships for the University, including regional (European, Northern European) development grants;

  • Advising on entering international league tables;

The Council

Vasilyev Vladimir

  • Post
    Rector of ITMO University
  • Rank
  • Degree

Kozlova Daria

  • Post
    Vice Rector for International Relations
  • Rank
    Associate Professor
  • Degree

Georg Winckler

  • Post
    Former Rector of the University of Vienna, Head of ERSTE Foundation, Former President of the European University Association

Lesley Wilson

  • Post
    Secretary General of the European University Association

Yuri Gunko

  • Post
    Head of International Research and Education Centre for Physics of Nanostructures of ITMO University, Professor at Trinity College (Dublin), the winner of the mega-grant for research from Russian Government.

Xi-Cheng Zhang

  • Post
    Director of the Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, a member of the Optical Society of America and the American Physical Society.

Yuri Kivshar

  • Post
    Research Director at the Nonlinear Physics Centre of the Australian National University, Co-Chair of the International Research Center for Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, ITMO University

Kathryn Atchison

  • Post
    Vice Provost, New Collaborative Initiatives, University of California, Los Angeles, USA.

Paul Urbach

  • Post
    Former President of the European Optical Society (EOS), Professor and Head of the Optics Research Group of TUDelft, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Peter Sloot

  • Post
    Professor of Computational Science, Department of Science of University of Amsterdam (UvA) (Netherlands), Professor of Complex Systems, NTU, Singapore, Co-Director Complexity Institute, NTU, Singapore, Professor of Advanced Computing, ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Dr. Debra Stewart

  • Post
    President Emerita and Senior Scholar, Council of Graduate School, USA

Prof Andrew Comrie

  • Post
    Senior Vice Presidentfor Academic Affairs and Provost, Arizona University

Dr Bernd Wächter

  • Post
    Chief Executive, ACA, Brussels

Dr Jurgen Sanders

  • Post
    A Former Research Officer, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation, Brussels

Prof Dr Bernd Huber

  • Post
    President of the University of Munich (LMU)

Stephen Hagen

  • Post
    Advisor to Rector, ITMO University
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