Strategic Development Department

The mission of the Strategic Development Department is to support ITMO University’s sustainable and comprehensive development and raising its competitiveness in the local, national and international marketplaces.
Areas of responsibility of the Department :

  • University’s strategic management system and organizational structure
  • University’s development programs and plans and monitoring of their implementation
  • Strategic plans and development programs for individual departments
  • Analysis of key trends and directions of higher education in Russia and around the world
  • Supplying data to University’s management to help optimize decision making processes and boost its effectiveness
  • Market and competition analysis for successful positioning in Russia and abroad
  • Coordinating rankings participation
  • Research and technology foresight


Marianna Chistyakova, PhD

Tel: +7 (812) 457-18-07



Address Kronversky Pr. 49, Office 266, St. Petersburg, Russia 197101

Natalia M. Lukovnikova,  Director of Centre for Science and Technology Foresight 


Ekaterina V. Mikhailova,  Head of Unit of Strategic Planning and Ranking Research





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