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Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems

Pavel Kustarev

The Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems focuses on training specialists in developing computer systems and cutting-edge programming technologies, who will meet the demands of the post-information age - the time of virtual reality, cyberphysical systems and the internet of things.

At the Department of Computation Technologies, we teach how to design and construct computers. All of the department's academic staff are scientists, engineers and senior officers in the field of computer technology.

The students get knowledge and skills in development and design of computational systems from microprocessors to personal computers and smartphones, from the Internet of Things set-ups to robot control systems, from computer clusters to data processing centers.

The Department's other focus is systems programming technologies, as no application or information service can exist without a reliable operating system, computational network, computer cluster or a cloud-based software platform.

At the Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, we teach programming and develop new programming technologies.

Students get knowledge, skills and experience in programming the information systems of the future:   cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data mining, big data and the Internet of Things.

At the Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics, computer science meets virtual reality, design and art.  Here, we train specialists in the field of programming graphic applications, 3D-graphics and animation, design, usability, web-development, computer interface design and engineering graphics.

The department's graduates can apply information and multimedia technologies in many arts, including theatre art, film art and television, as well as research, project and practical activities in the field of mass media, advertising, business communications and media industry.

The Department of Computer Educational Technologies focuses on cutting edge methods in human-computer interaction. The upcoming age calls for a whole new level of integration of biological and computer intelligence.

The department trains students in methods of information processing and programming technologies. Its graduates are the programmers of the future who can apply the latest neurotechnologies in developing applications in the field of machine learning, artificial intelligence systems, processing unsystematized data and such.

At the Visualization Technologies Department, virtual reality is translated into algorithms, programs and technology. Its Master's students learn the ins and outs of creating realistic computer images, holograms, and augmented reality systems.

Our graduates get viable education and can quickly adapt to new conditions, and are highly sought after by leading Russian and foreign companies and enterprises, which include but are not limited to Russian Railways, Yandex, Luxoft, Gazprom, Sberbank, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, AMD, Deutsche Bank and many others.


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