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Polina Petrusha

Polina Petrusha


Once, being asked in an interview about reason of choosing my profession, I answered: “I’ve been bitten by a marketing manager in my childhood, so I really had no chance”.

It was nearly true. I started to study marketing at 13 and completed my first marketing report at 15, in 1994.

It was the time when the word “marketing” meant nothing to anyone except three-four hundred people in Russia, and respondents of marketing surveys about sausage tried to feed me instead of answering the questions.

In 1996 I enrolled in St. Petersburg University of Economy and Finance (now - State University of Economics) and made the first attempt to escape from marketing by choosing major “Management of Innovations and Investments”.  When graduating in 2001, I have found out that word “innovations” sounded as exotic to Russian companies as “marketing” in 1994.

But now it was the boom of marketing, Public Relations (PR), Customers Related Management (CRM), Project Management (PM) and branding.  Web-Marketing was just beginning to show the signs of what was to go haywire ten years later.

I dived into that stream of new approaches, collected information from any sources I could reach, tried to adapt foreign cases and techniques to Russian conditions or invent Russian-specific ones.

Here I met Igor Mann, who just started to path his way to become the guru of Russian Marketing School.  He invited me to review his first best-seller “Marketing for 100%” and co-author his second best seller “Marketing Machine”.

Igor’s coaching helped me to spell my own marketing formula “Fun. Drive. Results”.

Transferring to power energy sector (companies PARMA& PARMA Prot) inspired me to continue my education at St. Petersburg Energy Institute of Advanced Training.

When several years later I joined IT company Digital Design, I used that opportunity to train in Project Management (PMBOK), content-management and in-depth studies of Microsoft corporate systems and solutions. 

In 2009 I surprised myself by accepting the position of Marketing Director at Lumene OY (brand Cutrin) and discovering the magic of the Beauty Industry.

After the birth of my son, I turned to my own consulting projects and teaching at the Chair of Marketing at State University of Economics.

Since joining team of ITMO University’s Internationalization Office in December 2014, I once again tasted the drive of my first years in marketing.  Word “Internationalization” is understood by the same number of people as marketing back then and there are lots of things to be done for the first time and in new ways.

I am in charge of international web-marketing of ITMO University and all issues related to it. My new slogan is «Fun.Drive.Results. IT’s More Than University».

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