12.04.01 Instrumentation Technology
  • Elena Konenkova, Assistant, +79213638387, evkon@corp.ifmo.ru

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    The program provides for mastering the theoretical basics and practical skills of using research methods essential for conducting professional activities in the field physics and astronomy. The graduates acquire the abilities in critical analysis and assessment of modern scientific achievements, generating new ideas for solving research and application tasks, conducting independent research in the field of astrophysics, using the acquired knowledge for research and interpretation of observations of different objects in our and other galaxies. 
    The program considers both studying the fundamental concepts of the optical device theory as well as getting familiar with the different types of radiation receivers used in astronomy and their operating principles. The department places much emphasis on involving the students in research activities as soon as possible. Students take part in the development of research equipment for space vehicles, processing of observational data and physical interpretation of obtained results. 

    Program relevance

    Modern astronomy studies most different types of objects - from the closer planets and satellites to faraway galaxies, quasars, and galactic clusters. Its research focuses on not just astronomic objects but also the matter itself in different capacities - cosmic gas, dust, plasma, magnetic fields, radiation fields and flows of charged particles. In order to get new information about astronomic objects, scientists analyze radiation in different bands, from X-ray to radio. The Department of Аstroinstrument Engineering acquaints the Master’s students with these relevant issues of astrophysics.

    Program purpose

    The program’s objective is to train highly qualified specialists that meet the requirements of the global labor market in the field of astroinstrument engineering.

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