Human Resources Management Department

Human Resources Management Department

HRM Department strives to create a successful work environment through the recruiting, retention and development of a diverse and competent workforce. Strategic HR management has become one of ITMO University’s top priorities as part of the “5-100” Russian Academic Excellence Project.

Established in 2014, the Department is responsible for:

  • Development and management of effective contracts and KPI for ITMO staff
  • Activity audit of university’s departments
  • Continuing education, internships and workshops
  • Employment processing of foreign instructors and researchers
  • Development of corporate culture
  • Career services
  • Recruiting
  • Alumni relations
  • Support for quality management system and ISO 9001 international certification.


Yulia Shidlovskaya

Tel: +7 (812) 233-52-80

+7 (921) 963-00-75


Adress Kronversky Pr. 49, St. Petersburg, Russia 197101

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