Academic Mobility Support Office


Olga Ovsyannikova

+7 (812) 572-21-54 191002, St. Petersburg, ul. Lomonosova, 9Room 2139с

Academic Mobility Support Office focuses on collaboration projects with universities from the countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and the CIS.

Its main areas of activity are:

  • organizing admission of foreign students that arrive at ITMO University for internships under international collaboration agreements;
  • the development of collaboration projects with universities and organizations from the countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and the CIS;
  • working with network university programs (SCO, RKKTU, University of CIS, etc);
  • preparing documents for travelling abroad for ITMO's students;
  •  elaboration of new contacts with foreign universities and international organizations;

The office's main functions include:

  • organizing a seamless system of international cooperation (including academic mobility) between ITMO and foreign universities, companies and educational organizations;
  • working with ITMO's other departments on defining the promising trends of international cooperation with particular countries and international organizations, elaborating such collaborations programs;
  • participation in receiving delegations, specialists and student groups that come to ITMO under international cooperation agreements for internships, conferences and other events;
  • help in processing documents for travelling abroad for ITMO's academic staff and students;
  • organizing official events for foreign delegations visiting ITMO;

Academic Mobility Support Office Staff:

Julia Hoptianaia

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