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ITMO University Internationalization Department

  • How to make ITMO University recognizable and memorable among hundreds of universities?
  • How to help ITMO University place well in the leading education rankings?
  • How to spread the word about our education programs, unique research and innovations projects to anyone interested?
  • How to motivate, guide and support initiatives by staff and students of ITMO University in building international relations? How to help them find a common language, literally and figuratively, with their peers from other countries and universities?

All these issues fall into the competency of ITMO University’s Internationalization Department.

The Department was created to support and implement ITMO’s strategic plans for international development, promotion and reputation establishment among the world-leading universities.

Its initiatives and projects follow directions of development: external and internal.

Internal development is aimed at creating a comfortable English-speaking environment and information support of international projects and events of ITMO University in all its activities.

A comfortable English-language environment allows staff, instructors and students of the University to participate in international projects both abroad and as part of ITMO’s own projects. Foreign students and specialists can quickly dive into projects and programs of the University.

External development is aimed at strengthening ITMO’s reputation as an international university in scientific, student and expert circles, in the media and on the web.

To follow these two directions of development, the staff of the Department:

  • Develops and implements English Language proficiency programs for students, instructors and staff;
  • Launches special courses and programs for improving professional communications in scientific and education environments;
  • Creates English-language content about all University’s activities for print and advertisement as well as for foreign media and websites;
  • Coordinates ITMO’s participation in international education, scientific and professional events and projects;
  • Contributes to the work of all English-language web resources of the University: from planning and development to creating unique content;
  • Establishes a comfortable information environment for foreign students, professors, instructors and visitors;
  • Supports all other departments of ITMO University in their international activities: events, projects, exchange programs, proofreading, etc.;
  • Constantly works on developing and launching new ideas and projects.
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