Admission Office


Alvina Kiseleva

+7 (812) 457-17-90191002, St. Petersburg, ul. Lomonosova, 9Room 2139 с

This office arranges and coordinates acknowledgement of educational credentials` equivalence. It aims to carry out evaluation of international degree certificates and qualification documents of ITMO University`s newcomers, students and professors.

Through Admission office`s activities students can be allowed to follow educational programs. It also selects international candidates for ITMO University programs taught in English as well as students studying at partnering universities for double degree programs.

Admission office provides the following services:

  • Evaluates academic credentials given in foreign countries. It checks compliance of international educational level with Russian, verifies the legitimacy of credentials by providing falsification control
  • Converts marks in international certificates in accordance with Russian five-point scale and vice versa.
  • Sets up correspondence between different accounting systems by evaluating how much credits are contained in disciplines taught in Russia  (according to ECTS and ECVET systems)
  • Consults on such issues as evaluation of higher and secondary education certificates, ratification of periods of studying abroad, execution of educational credentials of foreign citizens as well as enrollment and after enrollment steps. 
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