Internationalization Office


​Maria Khuzina

+7 (812) 572-21-55 191002, St. Petersburg, ul. Lomonosova, 9Room 2139 k, 2139 l

The goal of the Internationalization Office is tactical and timely implementation of ITMO University’s strategic initiatives in increasing its international brand recognition and promoting its education programs and R&D.

Key Objectives:

  • Comprehensive work in strengthening ITMO University’s reputation at international events, in mass media and on the Internet;
  • Support in implementing the 5-100 Program to help ITMO University reach the leading positions in international university rankings by 2020;
  • Developing and supporting partnership contacts with various stakeholders, including representatives of universities, science communities, press,  and expert organizations in international education;
  • Supplying ITMO University’s departments with a variety of materials in English;
  • All-rounded support of University’s departments in promoting their education programs and R&D.

Main Areas of Work:

  • Representation of ITMO University at international education, scientific and professional events;
  • Comprehensive approach to University’s online resources in English: From project and structure design to content management;
  • Creating information materials in English: booklets, brochures, information stands, handouts, etc.;
  • Creating content for foreign mass media, including various online resources and portals;
  • Support in making and promoting marketing materials in English for ITMO University’s education programs and R&D;
  • Establishing a comfortable information environment for foreign students, professors, instructors and visitors. 

Internationalization Office Staff:

Polina Petrusha, Head


Anna Huddleston, leading manager


Maria Khuzina, manager



Lomonosova, 9, room 2139-L and 2139-K

+7 (812) 5722155

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