University Structure

Faculty of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering

Olga Volkova

The Faculty is comprised of Departments that offer the following Bachelor's and Master's programs:                              

Department of Applied Biotechnology

Bachelor's programs

  • Food Biotechnology

  • Milk and Dairy Product Technology

Master's programs

  • Biotechnology of Functional Food Products

  • Biotechnology of Medical and Special Food Products

  • Biotechnology of Products from Secondary Resources of Animal Origin

Department of Meat and Fish Processing and Refrigeration

Bachelor's programs

  • Canning and Food Concentrate Technology

  • Meat and Meat Products Technology

  • Fish and Fish Product Technology

Master's programs

  • Food Preservation Technology

  • General and Cryogenic Technology of Food Products

  • Functional Food Technology for Catering Establishments

  • Fish and Fish Product Technology

  • Meat and Meat Products Technology

Department of Food Biotechnology (Vegetable Stock)

Bachelor's programs

  • Bread, Confectionery and Noodle Products Technology

  • Zymurgy and Wine Production

Master's programs

  • Biotechnologies in Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Technology of Bread and Bakery, Noodle, Sugary, Flour and Grain Processing Products

  • Functional and Specialized Food Products from Plant Materials

  • Organization of Entrepreneurial Activities in the Field of Biotechnology of Food Industry

Bread Baking Innovative Technology and Microbiology

Master's programs

  • Innovative Bread Technologies

Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

Master's programs

  • Enzymatic Processes in Biotechnology

  • Microbiological Processes in Food Technologies

Department of Biotechnical and Thermophysical Process Automation

Bachelor's programs

  • Automation of Technological Processes and Food Production Facilities

Master's programs

  • Automation of Technological Processes and Food Production Facilities

  • Computerized Quality Control Systems for Raw Materials and Products of Food Industry

Department of Process and Equipment in Food Production

Master's programs

  • Food Production Processes and Equipment

Department of Production Machines and Equipment

Bachelor's programs

  • Biotechnology Machines and Equipment

  • Food Production Machines and Equipment

Master's programs

  • Machines and Devices in Food Industry

  • Biotechnology Machines and Equipment

The Faculty puts much effort into introducing modern multimedia technologies to the educational process. In 2008, the Faculty's staff became award winners of the St. Petersburg Government Prize for outstanding achievements in teaching and guiding at higher educational establishments.

The Faculty's main subject area in research is "Biotechnologies of products for healthy nutrition and energy-effective engineering systems". The research conducted in this field corresponds with several priority tendencies of development of science and critical technologies of Russian Federation.

Among the faculty's other research interests are

  • Theoretical, academic and research fundamentals of biotechnologies of polycomponent functional food products for people of different life stages

  • Resource efficient technologies for cold storage of agricultural raw materials and food products with use of additional factors

  • Development and application of new biologically active components, enzymatic and microbiological agents in food product technologies

  • Technologies and equipment for processing secondary food raw materials and new primary resources.

Among the Faculty's partner universities are

  • Saint Petersburg Institute of Management and Food Technology;

  • Baking Industry Research Institute;

  • The University of Akron (USA);

  • State University of Campinas (Brazil);

  • Estonian University of Life Sciences;

  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (USA);

  • Argo-physical Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences;  N.N. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology;

  • North-West State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov;

  • All-Russian Research Institute of Fats of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences;

  • All-Russian Research Institute of Food Additives of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences;

The Faculty's academic staff actively works as part of the "Biotechnologies of Third Millennium" International Research Centre.

The Faculty's graduates work in all branches of the food industry, in trade and public catering enterprises, engineering factories, design bureaus and computing centers.


Bachelor's programs

Ekaterina Tambulatova.
Tel.: +7 (903) 092-69-33

Master's programs

Nadejda Barakova
Tel.: +7 (911) 139-97-15

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