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The history of the Academy of Management Methods and Techniques begins on 28th of August 1969, when the Council of Ministers of USSR issued a decree №700, founding the Leningrad Institute of Qualification Improvement for Industrial and Municipal Workers in management methods and techniques. The Institute began its active work in 1971.

The fundamental objectives of the Institute were

  • qualification improvement for workers of the research and project organization of the MinPribor in the fields of computer machines and technologies
  • qualification improvement for Leningrad’s municipal officers responsible for the fields of economics and general management.

These objectives from the very beginning imposed the high level of specialists’ preparation and, accordingly, the teaching staff capabilities.

It should be noted that the first domestically-developed computers(ES, CM, domestic PC) were supplied to the Institute for the future use by the specialists in educational needs. In such directions as operation systems, development of ACS and ACS for technological processes, computing operations researching the preparation at the Institute was passed by not only the employees of the Minpribor but also a large number of employees from various Leningrad’s enterprises.

Since 1991, the Institute went completely self-financing, maintaining its existance and development through the commercial activities in the sphere of education and R&D activities. This helped to outline most demanded courses and develop new educational technologies. The international relationships were established and a range of international agreements were entered. In particular, the education in the field of computer technologies was authorized by the global leaders, such as IBM, Microsoft, Novel, Autodesk.

One of the important tasks of the LIMTU became the retraining and qualification improvement of the unemployed citizens and soldiers discharged from the Armed Forces.

Since October 2006 the Academy of management methods and techniques is a structural unit within the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. The modern Academy is the successor of the former Academy LIMTU and fully remains the staff, educational, methodical and organizational potential that was accumulated throughout the nearly 40 years of its activities.

The extensive international connections and long-term contractual relationships with the organizations of St. Petersburg and Russia, qualified teaching staff, modern laboratory facilities have contributed to the conquest of high reputation of the Academy at the service market in the field of education.

The Academy authority in the field of computer technologies is confirmed by current authorization of leading Western manufacturing companies of hardware and software products : Autodesk, ZyXEL, D-link.

According to the polls that were held by the “ComputerPress” newspaper  and "Contek International" and "Crocus International" companies  the Authorized technical training and testing Center of the Academy has been repeatedly recognized as one of the top 5 Russian training centers.

Current objectives of the Academy are

  • meeting the needs of the employees of federal and municipal authorities, the employees of the authorities of the Federation subjects, as well as the employees of organizations of various forms of ownership and different legal forms in acquiring of the new knowledge about the achievements of domestic and foreign science and technology
  • provision of qualification improvement and professional retraining of specialists, the discharging workers, preparation of them for their new job functions
  • advisory activities.

The main directions of the professional retraining and qualification improvement at the Academy LIMTU

  • Computing machines, complexes, systems and networks
  • Computer graphics and Web-design
  • Economics and Management
  • Marketing and Management
  • Financial Accounting and Audit
  • Linguistics (foreign languages)
  • Housing
  • Labor security.

For students on their last years there are

  • Professional retraining programs with additional qualification award (2nd degree)
  • Retraining programs (new specialties) with a right to work in a new area
  • Training at the authorized educational centers of Microsoft, Novell, D-Link, Autodesk in 1C programs with internationally recognized certificate award
  • Foreign languages studies (English, Deutsch, Finnish, Japanese)
  • Management (general management, HR)
  • Financial Accounting and Audit
  • User software.

Today the Academy LIMTU consists of 7 Chairs, the laboratory of network support of the computing processes and 7 divisions.

Computer aided design Faculty, an Autodesk authorized educational center

  • The specialist in the field of computer graphics and web-design (1,050 hrs., 7 mth., qualification)
  • Computer graphics in polygraphy and Web-design (retraining, degree)
  • Web-site design and development (retraining, degree)
  • Interior computer aided design (retraining, degree)
  • Computer graphics
  • Basic skills courses for users: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, CorelDraw, FreeHand Macromedia, Adobe Illustrator
  • Computer aided design basics with ArchiCAD
  • Geo-information systems design with Mapinfo.

Authorized training

  • Computer aided design, 3D-modelling and design with AutoCAD
  • 3D-modelling and design with Inventor
  • 3D graphics and animation with 3D Max
  • Computer aided design basics with Autodesk Architectural Desktop.

The Faculty of hardware and software complexes of computer facilities, authorized educational centers of the 1C: and D-Link companies

  • System engineer (PC hardware and related network support) (1,110 hrs., 8,6/9,2 mth., qualification)
  • System engineer (PC hardware and related network support) (retraining, degree)
  • System administrator (computer network and 1C-software support) (retraining, degree)
  • PC maintenance, diagnostics and repair
  • Hardware and software of local networks. Novell NetWare 5.1 administrator, MS Windows Server administrator, FreeBSD administrator
  • Introduction to SCADA systems
  • ZyXEL network hardware
  • Corporate networks and information security
  • PC, local network and Internet user
  • 1C: Trade user (plus PC user)
  • 1C: Enterprise user ( plus PC user)
  • 1C administration, programming and maintenance
  • 1C: Accountancy user, 1C:Salary and HR user; 1C Trade and Stock user.

Faculty of Municipal housing and construction management

  • Multi-flat housing manager
  • Landscape design and architecture manager
  • Housing maintenance accountant.

Faculty of Foreign languages and business translating

  • English, German, Finnish, Japanese basic courses (phonetics, grammar, reading, writing, speaking)
  • English and German for translators (basic course, spoken language course, introduction to translating, speaking over the phone, business correspondence, business communication, professional texts translating) (retraining, degree).

The Faculty of Entrepreneurial and commercial businesses

  • Finance, economic and administrative manager
  • Marketing and sales manager (retraining, degree)
  • Accountant (with the knowledge of 1C: Accountancy and PC) (retraining, degree).

Faculty of Management and Law

  • HR manager
  • Operations manager
  • Office manager (retraining, degree)
  • HR officer.

The Center of Autodidactics

  • Assistant Secretary(5 training programs)
  • The school of typewriting – “Zolotoy Dyatel” training
  • Typewriting courses on PC (Russian and Latin keyboard).

Occupational safety

  • For occupational safety services’  employees and firms’ supervisors
  • For occupational safety committees (commissions’) members
  • For authorized labor unions’ or other representation bodies’ members, working in occupational safety services.

Methodical work and publishing activities of the LIMTU

The Academy  LIMTU is a developer of the state requirements in four directions of retraining – three of them are in the field of IT-technologies and one of them is in the field of "Linguistics and communications", it acts in the specified directions as an expert in educational methodical documents.

A distinctive feature of the educational activities of the Academy is the extensive methodical work on the publications of training courses in the form of books.

Working with the Employment Committee of St. Petersburg Government

The agreements with the Employment Committee of St. Petersburg Government (formerly the Faculty, now since the end of 2008 - the Committee on Labour and Employment of the population), which were signed by the Academy LIMTU annually since 1993 are particularly important in the terms of implementation of socially significant works.

During the period from 1993 to 2007 at the Academy LIMTU 5416 unemployed citizens (retraining for other professions) and 1248 retired officers were trained.

During this period, the Academy has acquired the great authority, it is considered to be the best training center in the system of retraining of the unemployed population, it has established good business relationships with the relevant units of the Committee (vocational training Chair, the finance Chair) .

The contribution to the work of the Academy under the budget of the Committee is about 15-20%.

In 2008, the Academy LIMTU under the contract (basic and additional) with the Committee has been training 324 people in 8 directions (HR Manager, HR Specialist, computer graphics and web design, computer-based accountant, operator-user PC - 1C: Trade and warehouse, user PC - LAN and the Internet, systems administrator and systems engineer) for the total of 3,634,148 rubles (which is almost 2.5 times more than in 2007).

Working with the Committee on Labor and Social Protection of the St. Petersburg Government

The Academy LIMTO cooperates with the Committee on Labor and Social Protection of Population of St. Petersburg in two directions

  • Training in occupational protection of various categories of insured
  • Contractual works on the target program of St. Petersburg "Improving the conditions of occupational protection in St. Petersburg".

In the direction of works on the target program of St. Petersburg "Improving the conditions of occupational protection in St. Petersburg" the Academy has won the competition and performed the following works

  • "Development of guidelines for the creation of electronic teaching and practical tutorials for the distance learning system and testing on occupational protection and creation on its basis of basic courses for employers and specialists" target program of St. Petersburg "Occupational protection in 2000"
  • "Creation of a complex system of distance learning and knowledge testing on occupational protection using Internet technologies and electronic tutorials".

In the period of 2005-2006 due to the contracts with enterprises of St. Petersburg 319 people were trained.

Among the major customers there were "Lengiprotrans" LLC, "Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod" JSC, "Baltic Shipyard" JSC, "Talosto-icecream" LLC, "People's Bank Petrovsky" and several other organizations.

From 2001 to 2008 the occupational protection training was passed by about 2.5 thousand specialists.

Graduates of the Academy LIMTU

LIMTU graduates successfully work not only in different regions of Russia, but also in many countries of the world: Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Bulgaria and other countries. The Academy is proud of its students, many of whom became well-known scientists, major experts and organizers of science and manufacturing.

Partners of the Academy LIMTU

Academy’s partners are more than 200 Russian and international enterprises and organizations, including: IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, State Research Center of the Russian Federation Concern CSRI Elektropribor, experimental design bureau “Electroautomation”, "LOMO" OJSC, "Uralmash Plant-Izhora Plants" LLC, NE JSC, Concern Avrora Scientific and Production Association JSC, "Optical-mechanical Association", "Peterstar", "Vuztelekom", "Vodokanal", etc.

Employment of graduates

The Faculty’s graduates work in State Research Center of the Russian Federation Concern CSRI Elektropribor, experimental design bureau “Electroautomation”, LOMO, KINEF, National Research Institute of  fine engineering JSC,  “Original mechanics and automatics” LLC, Marli Juice LLC, Moydodyr-service CJSC, NE JSC, Avionika-vist LLC, Concern Avrora Scientific and Production Association JSC, Eureca CJSC, Kaspersky Lab CJSC, Peterstar, Telecom, Vodokanal, General Motors, IBM, Microsoft, SUN Microsystems, Maxon, etc.

Academy actively promotes the employment of its graduates. We can recommend the employers several candidates for one vacancy from the graduates of the Academy.

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