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Alexander Boukhanovsky

The major goal of School of Translational Information Technologies (TInT) is to train elite professionals in Software Development and Internet Technologies focused on translation of advanced methods for solving non-standard academic and practice-oriented tasks in the field weakly formalized knowledge through ICT.

TInT is focused on the following tasks at the national level

  • to establish advanced scientific and technological potential in the field of breakthrough ICT in order to design our own market-oriented products and critical systems related to the  national interests and international priorities of the Russian Federation
  •  to build a national educational center of the international level in the field of Software Engineering to train highly qualified specialists for major domestic companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises as a basic driving force of ICT industry of the future

at the international level

  • to create an international consortium of renowned universities led by ITMO University that carries out the search for talented young people and competitive-based training of world-class professionals in the field of advanced ICT
  • form an international standardization system of advanced ICT solutions for high tech tasks in areas of weakly formalized knowledge (Health, Urban and Social Studies)

School of Translational Information Technologies is based on two leading units in the field of ICT (Faculty of Information Technology and Programming and Faculty of Info communication Technologies) and involves domain specific units (Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations, Institute of Translational Medicine, and Institute of Design and Urban Studies). Due to the core competencies of these units, ITMO University is an acknowledged world research and educational center in the field of Programming, Computer Science and Information Technologies, as well as a founder of the world's best recruitment and preparation program for highly skilled software developers.

Over the past twenty years, ITMO University has formed a national educational, methodical, technological and organizational center for national and international competitions in Computer Science and Programming (Olympiads) for pupils and students.

From the year 2000 onwards, ITMO University’s student teams have won the Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM ICPC) six times, and ITMO University students have become one of the three strongest teams in the world as four-time and eight- times winners of the Championship of the Russian Federation, that’s why ITMO University has created and successfully runs the “International Champions’ School of Programming”.

Since 2012, HPC department of ITMO University implements joint masters’ programs in English with a double degree option by the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands in the field of Supercomputing Technologies and BigData, graduating more than 100 students.


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