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Yury Gatchin

The Faculty of Advanced Training of Teachers is a structural unit of the university which was created to improve teacher training for the system of higher education.

The Faculty was established in 1969.

Early years of the operation of the Faculty are marked by the organization of classes in three specialties

  • computer engineering
  • devices precision mechanics
  • instrumentation technology.

Two new specialties were introduced in 1985. There are optical and opto-electronic instrument and heat and humidity conditions of devices.

The computer lab was created and the hotel for students to the forty-five seats in the dormitory was equipped in the same year.

Today, the Faculty of Advanced Training of Teachers promotes adaptation of the educational process of ITMO University to needs, criteria and standards of the international community to higher professional education.

The Faculty carries out one of the most promising directions of development of educational activities in vocational education, further professional education. This important component allows integrating the different levels and forms of education to a more flexible educational trajectory of particular individual, specialist.

Training programs for scientific and teaching workers within the licensed areas and specialties are implemented to solve the problems of psycho-pedagogical training and improvement of pedagogical skills of university teachers. Relevance of programs is determined by the requirements of society and the market to new knowledge, to higher professional education related to Russia's transition to innovative development.

On the basis of the order "On increasing the training of scientific and pedagogical staff of federal government educational institutions of higher education under the jurisdiction of the federal agency for education" the Faculty of Advanced Training of Teachers provides advanced training of teachers of ITMO in state educational of higher education at the expense of the federal budget in the directions: humanitarian issues of today; topical issues of modernization of higher education in Russia; problems of quality of training, information competence in the professional work of the teacher of the university; innovation in education; Russian language; jurisprudence; modern technologies in education; problems of training in priority areas of science, technology and critical technologies.

There are learning at the Faculty of Advanced Training of Teachers scientific teaching staff of the university under programs of priority areas: information competence in the professional work of the teacher of the university; psycho-pedagogical training of high school teachers due to the objectivity of the process of obsolescence of knowledge, the need to quickly and flexibly respond to the realities of today.

Changing needs, social needs and advances in scientific knowledge today determine training on a commercial basis of individual students within programs of the following disciplines: business  informatics (program Databases and data warehouses)topical aspects of teaching of computer science for non-core and core specialties.

Complex psychological and pedagogical, socio-economic, information technology training of specialists, masters and PhD students to teaching activity in higher education institution at the initial position of the main programs of higher education is provided within professional additional educational programs for additional qualification "Teacher of higher education". The implementation of the program is provided by teaching staff with basic education, corresponding to the profile of taught discipline and with a degree which is not lower than the candidate of sciences. High level of training of future teachers of higher education is provided by the necessary level of laboratory and practical, information, logistics training process within the part-time course of study (about 1080 hours).

There are 111 new educational training programs and training within innovative educational project "Development of innovative training system of new generation in the area of optical and information technologies".

Teaching and thematic plans and work programs courses are compiled for each training program. Almost all programs include educational components and information and communication component. These are series of lectures, which are read by teachers, researchers and administrative staff of ITMO at the Faculty of Pedagogy and the use of information technology in education. Professional component of the program includes training of employees in the professional area and is held in the form of lectures, workshops, training (both in Russia and abroad), and participation in conferences, congresses, seminars (both in Russia and abroad).

Developed training and thematic plans and work programs of courses, as well as reporting materials on business trips and internships are the basis for the development of EMC (educational and methodical complex) within innovative programs of excellence. Their further use in the next decade within conducting of training courses in priority areas of science is planned.

Professional development of teachers is conducted on the basis of improved traditional and new innovative techniques which are necessary for sustainable and high quality training of specialists of a new generation. Teacher training is accompanied by the growth of their professional competence providing the proper level of substantive content of training modules and courses, and mandatory development and application of new innovative teaching technologies and modern educational resources.

The basic principle of organization of the educational process at the Faculty is the flexibility and the invariance of training. The educational process is based on individual- oriented curriculums which are the best for needs and interests of students of directing Facultys.

The leading teachers of the university take part in designing and implementing of programs.

Programs which are implemented at the Faculty focus on mastering of students the skills to solve professional problems based on laws of the theory and practice of innovation in education, enterprise, to increase professional competence.

Thus, the Faculty of Advanced Training of Teachers of ITMO University provides meeting needs of academics in gaining knowledge about the latest developments in the area of pedagogy, psychology, information, education, technology, in subject areas of their professional activities, about advanced domestic and foreign teaching experience; creates the conditions for the growth of science and professionalism of teachers in educational and research activities, their competitiveness and occupational mobility.

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