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Department of Heat and Refrigeration Technology Theory

Oleg Tsvetkov

The Department of theoretical bases of heat and cold technique welcomes you. It is the oldest Department of the university. The Department was established in 1946 by Ph.D., Prof. and the first Head of the Department A.Tkachev. The Department was headed by Prof. E. Guygo (1971-1981), Dr. Filatkin V. (1981-1991). Now, the Department is headed by Prof. Oleg Tsvetkov (since 1991).

More details on the history of the Department can be found at the monograph "The Department of the theoretical foundations of the heat and cold technique". It was published in 2007 for its sixtieth anniversary.

These years allowed accumulating a vast experience of educational and researching work. The content and structure of the educational programs of the Department is based on the mathematical and physical foundations of education.

The Department conducts educational work at the four day Departmentis. Department of correspondence education and external studies, courses of lectures at FRR, preparatory courses, lectures for graduate students, masters and students who studies foreign languages. Students are provided with educational literature which is fully published by the staff of the Department. Traditional for the Department options of quality of training: individual training, computerization, ranking system for assessing student's knowledge, are released in the training process. The rating system has existed at the Department since 1985.

Methodical support for all levels of the educational process including work programs, schedules, and textbooks of courses, methodical instructions on laboratory works, virtual and practical classes which were published by the Department.

16 people are in the staff of the Department today. It is an alloy of maturity and youth, experience and professionalism.

Doctors of technical sciences, PhD, professors - 3; professors - 2; PhD, assoc. - 5, without scientific degree – 2 are among the teachers of the Department. Two "Honored worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation" are among teachers. The Department has research staff (full-time), graduate students, two heads of laboratories, training and auxiliary staff. Age of the Department of 19 people is from 28 to 90 years.


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