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Department of Air Conditioning

Alexander Tsygankov

Preparation of bachelors in directions (since 2011):

141200 Refrigeratory and cryogenic equipment and life support systems

Preparation of bachelors in profile (since 2011):

Climate appliances and life support systems

Preparation of masters in the following areas (since 2011):

141200 Refrigeratory and cryogenic equipment and life support systems

Preparation of masters in master's programs (since 2011):

Life support systems

Energy and resources saving in life support systems of buildings, structures and autonomous objects

Thermoelectric energy conversion

The Department of air Conditioning is a structural subdivision; it is the releasing Department in "Air-conditioning and life support systems" of the Department of Cryogenic Engineering and Conditioning of St. Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Technology.

Historical information about the Department

The large-scale reorganization of combining of institute was carried out at the Leningrad institute of Refrigeration Industry in 1947 which was established in 1931. The Department of Sanitary Engineering has been created for the first time. Professor Alexander Budnikov was invited as a first Head of the Department in 1947. Budnikov laid the "first brick" in the building of training of specialists in air-conditioning headed the Department which is called the Department of the Air Conditioning now.

The Department has been headed by the Dean of the Department of Refrigeration, candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor (since 1964) Roman Ladyzhenskii since 1948 to the end of his life. The institute was allocated to the group of technological universities in 1953. The Department became releasing and renamed the Department of Air Conditioning, sanitary equipment and labor protection in 1961. R. Ladyzhenskii wrote the original tutorial on the air conditioning which was in two editions and organized the first edition of our graduate students at the Department.

The Department has been headed by captain of 1st rank in retirement, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Vladimir Yazykov during the next 10 years (1967-1977 years). He ​​organized training of specialist (since 1970) on-board air conditioning systems. The Department acquired the status of Department of air conditioning with him. V. Yazykov is the author of two monographs on-board systems of air-conditioning systems.

Oleg Ivanov, a graduate of the institute of refrigeration (in 1961), PhD, Professor, honored scientist of the RSFSR, academician of the international academy of refrigeration has headed the Department since 1977 to 2000. The Department was called the Department of Machinery, Equipment and Air Conditioning Systems in 1988. O. Ivanov has been working as the dean of the Department of Cryogenic Engineering and Air Conditioning for more than 10 years. The institute received the status academy and then state university in this period. He is a co-author of textbooks and manuals, handbooks and monographs on our specialty.

The Department which was returned the name of the Department of Air Conditioning has been headed by its alumnus, PhD, Professor, academician of the International Academy of Refrigeration, Sergei Bourtsev since 2000. He combined successfully the efforts of the university and production in the condition of the new market economy.

PhD, Professor Alexander Tsygankov has headed the Department since 2005 to the present time.

The Department has released over a thousand highly qualified specialists working successfully in various industries of Russia during the years of its existence.

The main scientific directions of the Department

  • improvement of systems of comfort air conditioning

  • research of heat and mass exchange devices for SLE

  • energy saving in systems of microclimate of buildings and structures

  • development of systems of air condition for transport (rail and road)

  • automation and optimization of the design process

  • improvement of the temperature control systems and thermoelectric cooling systems.

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