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Sergey Prisyazhnyuk
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The department provides specialization in profile "Program- safe Infocommunications" (bachelor).

Master's program "Geographic Information Systems".

Basic training of students is conducted in the disciplines:

of professional cycle - Engineering surveying, interactive 4D stereo terrain models, computer graphics engineering, telecommunications theory, metrology and standardization requirements in infocommunicational systems, digital signal processing, the theory of electrical circuits, mobile communication, basics of building of communication systems and networks, optical fiber technology and elements of integrated optics, electromagnetic fields and waves, the basics of circuitry telecommunication devices, software engineering, information and communication systems on the Internet, etc

of mathematics and the natural cycle - physics, computer science, computational mathematics, ecology, probability theory and mathematical statistics, discrete mathematics, etc.

of humanitarian and social cycle - history, philosophy, foreign language, economics, etc.

Masters training includes the study of disciplines such as geoinformatics, remote sensing, surveying software, photogrammetry, etc.

Since 2012 graduate students recruited for specialty 25.00.35 "Geoinformatics".

Head of the department is the chief editor of the research journal "Information and Space", having the accreditation of WAC.

Geographic information systems include the possibility of database management systems (DBMS), the editors of raster and vector graphics, and analytical tools used in cartography, geology, meteorology, land management, environment, municipal administration, transportation, economy, defense and many other areas. 
The department has four test laboratories:
  • Certification of electronic maps of geographic information systems;
  • Certification of satellite navigation and geodetic equipment GLONASS / GPS «GEOTEST";
  • Certification of information security;
  • Mini aerobototehnic systems (MARS).

The knowledge and skills to work with spatial information allow graduates to work in a variety of structures and areas, including:

  • in land and urban planning organizations at various levels and forms of ownership (federal, regional, municipal and private);
  • in the exploration and development of methods and technologies for the production, storage, transmission and processing of information using computer technology;
  • in organizations, whose activities are related to geology and geodesy;
  • in institutions, dealing with environmental issues and ecology;
  • in engineering design and scientific research institutes.

Part of the course and practical training is conducted at industrial, commercial organizations, research institutions. Students are given the opportunity to participate in real projects during their education. Department assists and accompanies the employment of graduates, who successfully completed the training.

The department cooperates with many famous companies, such as:

  • BSTU "VOENMECH" them. DF Ustinov
  • JSC "Institute of Telecommunications"
  • Military Topographic Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces
  • St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of RAS
  • Military Space Academy of Mozhaiskii
  • Autodesk, Inc.
  • Intergraph Corporation
  • ESRI (ArcGIS)
  • Oracle Corporation
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