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Andrey Chugunov
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The Department of State Information Systems was founded in 2011 and then was done the first admission for the master's degree. In 2013, the Department of State Information Systems is conducting the admission of undergraduates for full-time training, providing an opportunity for employees of state authorities to learn on the job, according to an individual plan and using remote technologies. A key feature of Masters Course is a constant contact with the faculty of the department and eGovernment Center, which includes not only the leading scientists, but also practitians, facing these items every day. The faculty of the Department consists of 4 professors (including 3 PhD), 8 candidates (including candidates of technical, political, legal, philosophical, physical and mathematical sciences). Through participation in the projects of the eGovernment Center, graduates of the Department have experience of employment in government departments!

The Department was created within the Master's Corporate Faculty of ITMO in close cooperation and collaboration with the eGovernment Center ( EGC), which serves as the basic research lab at the Department.

Educational programs, in which department is involved

1. Master's program "Management of state information systems" (under the direction of "Systems Analysis and Control" 220100)

2. Master's program "Management of public information systems" (under the direction of "Applied Informatics" 230700)

3. Vocational Educational Program, "Management of public information systems"(under the direction of "Applied Informatics" 230700)

4. Training program "E-Government and innovation management" - a modular program of further education. The program was developed using the results of the program of NRU ITMO in 2010-2012, Implemented in May 2010 in the form of training courses and training seminars for government employees.

The research work of the faculty of the department is carried out in the framework of R&D, performed on the basis of eGovernment Center.

Partners of the Department:

Authorities of the regions

  • Saint-Petersburg
  • Voronezh Region
  • Leningrad Region
  • Murmansk Region
  • Nizhny Novgorod Region
  • Ulyanovsk Region
  • Republic of Karelia.

Scientific and Educational structures

  • Saint-Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of RAS
  • The Bonch-Bruevich Saint - Petersburg State University of Telecommunications
  • HSE- Higher School of Economics
  • Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and others.

Business companies

  • IT group
  • Digital Design
  • UMI-Soft
  • Linux Ink
  • BIG-Saint-Petersburg
  • Open joint-stock company "Gosmobkontent"
  • Trinet company and others.

International Companies

  • Government Technologies Center, State University of New York
  • International Institute of IT technology the United Nations University (Macau, China)
  • Fraunhofer FOKUS (Berlin, Germany)
  • eGovernance Academy (Tallin, Estonia).

Adress: Birzhevaya line 14, room 270

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