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The Department of Speech Information Systems (SIS) was established in 2011 at the Department of Information Technologies and Programming ( FIT&P).

The organizer of the Department  is the "Speech Technology Center" ( The Head of the Department is the General Director of "Speech Technology Center", Ph.D Michael Khitrov, the vice president of the "Russian speech technologies" Consortium, the member of ISCA, IEEE.

Since 2011 the SIS Department provides the enrollment in the new educational masters’ program 230400.68.04 "Speech information systems" under the direction 230400 " Information Systems and Technology".

The supervisor of the masters' courses is the associate leader and Professor of the SIS Department, Ph.D. Yury Matveev, the chief researcher of the "STC - innovations" LLC, the leader of the multimodal biometrics direction at the "Speech technologies center".

The aim of the masters’ program is the preparation of specialists that are capable of participating in research and project works in the field of speech information technologies with specialization in speech recognition and synthesis, voice recognition for personalities, multimodal biometrics, in the design and development of information systems and software.

The enrollment in the masters' programs will be made on a competitive basis due to the results of an interview.

For all questions please contact the "Speech Technology Center", the enrollment committee of the NRU ITMO or

About the Speech Technology Center

The "Speech Technology Center" (STC) company  was established in 1990 in St. Petersburg and in 20 years has become an absolute leader and quarter-back in the Russian and international markets of speech technologies. The company is a leading developer of systems in the field of high-quality recording, processing, analysis, synthesis and recognition of speech, voice and multimodal biometric systems. Nowadays the STC is an active participant in the rapidly growing global market of speech and biometric systems. The company delivers its solutions in more than 65 countries. The company clearly made itself known in innovations field - it not only creates and implements unique developments in speech technologies, but actually creates the new market segments.

Presentation of masters’ programs.

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