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Maya Uspenskaya
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Due to the increase in manufacturing and consumption of FEC production, the development of oil and gas transportation systems, as well as the transition of the domestic enterprises to the manufacturing of products according to the international standards, more stringent requirements for the protection of the environment and the large-scale implementation of complex analytical automated systems for quality control and monitoring since 2008 the Department provides trainings for bachelors and masters in the field of Physical and technical aspects of the analytical Instrumental design which includes the following sections

  • Computer complexes for the automated control of physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, rheological and other properties of raw oil and refined oil products
  • Built-in microprocessor complexes for technological processes control and measurement of a wide range of parameters of power plants and power systems
  • Physical and mathematical modeling of technological processes of oil refining and fuel and energy complex.

The solution of these problems requires the use of modern methods for research and the usage of a wide range of the latest equipment and also for the creation of adapted to the specific conditions of working at the FEC enterprises information analytical systems and complexes of various profiles.

The unique training program combines fundamental training in the field of information systems, physical optics, spectroscopy, molecular physics, analytical and physical chemistry, computer metrology, general chemical technology, automation, informatics.

As part of the special disciplinary course devices and methods for production quality control and the principles of automated analyzer systems building for the FEC enterprises, the oil and chemical industry are studied.

Such systems as the basis of information technologies for quality control and security monitoring can be successfully applied at almost all companies and laboratories of chemical and petrochemical profile, as well as in metallurgy, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Graduates have good prospects for employment in today's major FEC companies, such as Rosneft, Petersburg Fuel Company, Gazprom, Kinef,  Lukoil, TNK-BP and also at factories and laboratories of food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Department of Information Technologies in the Fuel and Energy Complex was established in 2011.

The Department employs 11 lecturers, 8 PhDs, 4  of them are doctors of sciences and professors.

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