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Sergei Prokopchuk
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The Department was created in 1938 under the title: Department of Physical Education and Sport. In 1997 it was transformed into the Department of Physical Culture and Valeology.

The Department`s activity is aimed at the achievement of the values being most important for the mankind, such as health, physical and mental health and physical perfection.

In order to achieve these purposes, the following understandings are to be formed during education process:

  • comprehension of the physical culture role in the personality formation and sound preparation to the professional work;
  • knowledge of the scientific and practical fundamentals of physical culture and healthy way of life;
  • formation of the motivation to physical culture, attempt to the healthy life style, physical self-perfection and self-education, formation of the necessity of the regular physical exercises and sports;
  • gaining the practical skills and abilities ensuring the health protection and strengthening, development and perfection of the psycho-physical capacities, qualities and properties of the person.

Chapters of the lecture course:

  1. Physical culture in the students vocational education (2 hours).
  2. Social-biological fundamentals of physical culture (2 hours).
  3. Fundamentals of a healthy way of life for the students (4 hours).
  4. Psychophysical fundamentals of the physical and intellectual activity. Role of the physical culture in regulation of functional abilities.
  5. General physical preparation system of the physical training (4 hours).
  6. Fundamentals of the methods of independent physical exercises (2 hours).
  7. Self-testing in course of the physical exercises and sports (2 hours).
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