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The boundaries of the modern national business are constantly expanding. The globalization leads to the fact that companies are striving to sell their products not only in Russia but also abroad and the foreign goods in their turn are of a growing interest for the Russian consumer. In this situation the customs is a notable for the economy field and customs broker is an indispensable partner of serious companies that are focused on import and export operations.The whole modern business world tends to work quickly, efficiently and without complications, especially with consideration of the financial state of the world economy.

Customs is a set of methods and facilities for their implementation that are related to the effective control of the customs and tariff regulation of international economic activities of enterprises and of the country. The specialist of customs has a broad-based knowledge and professional skills in the organization of international business. His portfolio of competencies includes: traditional and innovative technologies of accounting of the presence and movement of goods and transport means at the Russian communications, the global practice of distance contract conclusion and cargo flows monitoring, economics of customs  and near-customs activities, modern management methods, tactical  and technical ways of crime investigation and of reviewing of customs laws abuse, civil and criminal financial and procedural regulations, rules and methods for protection of the state and official secrets .

The preparation of competent professionals in the area of customs and logistics on one hand meets the needs of the time and on the other hand it is giving young people the skills and knowledge that can be used to get a job (including state service), to live a full life and not to feel disposed and frustrated. The implementation of compulsory basic program of preparation of a graduate is provided by highly qualified teaching staff who are well-educated and experienced in teaching and practical activities that are corresponding to the profile of the disciplines. Among the members of the Department there are not only the high school workers but also the current employees of the Federal Customs Service. The Department is the graduating Department in the preparation of students in the specialty 080115 "Customs" with the following specializations: "Customs Management" and "Customs Information Technologies".

The Department provides educational, scientific, methodological and character building works in the following disciplines

  • History of Russian customs and customs policy
  • Psychology and Pedagogy of professional activity
  • Basics of logical culture and oratory
  • General and customs statistics
  • Ecology
  • Computers, networks and telecommunication systems in customs
  • General and customs management
  • Economics of customs
  • Taxes and customs payments
  • Organization of customs control of goods and transport means
  • Customs Information Technology
  • Merchandizing and expertise in customs
  • Basics of legal regulation of civil and labor relations
  • Administrative and Customs Law
  • Criminal and Criminally-remedial  Law
  • Introduction to the specialty
  • Foreign trade price formation
  • Budgetary System of Russia
  • Management consulting
  • Quality management of customs activities
  • Customs service marketing and business analysis  of customs organizations 
  • Human Resource Management in the customs authorities
  • Customs management in Russia
  • Logistics of international economic activities

To lecture the individual courses experienced teachers of business structures and leading scientific and research centers of the North-West region are invited.

At the Department the research work on a wide range of issues is held,  due to the results of which there are various educational and methodical tutorials ,monographs and articles  published in journals that are included in the list of HAC. The teachers are actively involved in the international and Russian scientific conferences.

The system of the educational process organization at the Department includes lectures with mandatory computer presentations, practical exercises on the basis of FCS structure, computer-based testing as a form of students’ self-studies.

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