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Department of Food Biotechnology (Vegetable Stock)

Alexander Fedorov
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Preparation of bachelors in directions (since 2011):

260100 Herbal food products

Preparation of bachelors in profile (since 2011):

Technology of bread, pastry and pasta, the technology of fermentation and winemaking

Preparation of masters in the following areas (since 2011):

260100 Herbal food products

Preparation of masters in master's programs (since 2011):

Biotechnology of alcoholic, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic products

Technology of bakery, pasta, sugar and flour confectionery products and products of grain processing

Department of Food Biotechnology was established in 1987 for training specialists in the area of "Fermentation technology" and "Technology of bread, macaroni and confectionery".

The first set of the first year occurred in these specialties in 1984.

Organization of releasing Department preparing engineers for bakery, confectionery and macaroni factories, and breweries and enterprises for the production of soft drinks (enterprises processing raw materials of plant origin) was urgent need within the North -West region. The name of the Department sounded like "Department of Food Biotechnology of Herbal Products" in connection with the direction of activity in 2007.

The Department is the youngest of all releasing Departments of the Department of Food Technology.

There are three teaching laboratories at the Department: fermentation and winemaking, baking and pastry production, sanitation and hygiene laboratories, which have all the necessary equipment for studies and research papers. In addition, the International training centre of baking together with Russian and Finnish company "Leypurien Tuukka" which develops and supplies ingredients for bakery and confectionery industry to the Russian market was inaugurated at the Department in April 2005.

Ph.D., Professor I. Vasilinets has organized and headed the Department until 2003. Such teachers as dr. associate professor A.Kalashnikov, Professor T.Meledina, Ph.D., associate professor I.Kostrova and Ph.D., associate professor A. Andreev who give the necessary impetus and direction of scientific activity in the area of brewing and baking were at the root of the Department.

Currently, Ph.D, Professor T. Meledina is Head of the Department. Professor V. Hush, T. Nikiforov, L. Kuznetsova, A. Fedorov; associate professors, Ph.D. A. Andreev, N. Matveeva, N. Kamyshova, I. Radionova, P. Balanov, R. Fedorova, I. Smotraeva, M. Danina, O. Ivanchenko, associate professor E. Soboleva, senior teachers: Ph.D. N. Barakova, E. Sergacheva and T. Koldina work as a staff of the Department.

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