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,  The Department of Computer Engineering and Design provides training in the following areas

1. Preparation of masters in 230400 "Information systems and technology", master's program "Computer graphics and web-design".

2. Retraining and advanced training of specialists with a wide range of educational programs in two ways

  • computer graphics as applied to the printing industry, the development of websites and design of interior

  • computer-aided design as applied to engineering, construction, architecture and geoinformation technologies.

3. Certified training in authorized training center autodesk.

Direction of training of master

  • 230400 Information systems and technology
  • Master's program "Computer graphics and web-design".

The purpose of this professional education program is to prepare highly qualified specialists in the area of computer graphics, using it in advertising, printing, development of websites and web-based applications, creation of multimedia and animation films, three-dimensional models for the various areas of activity.

Spheres of professional activity of our graduates can be editorial and advertising Departments publishing, printing, specialized organization of computer design, advertising Departments of enterprises and organizations, Departments of marketing, PR, studio for creating animated films, design studios, architectural and design workshops, design and engineering offices, web-studio, computer centers, groups of the development of electronic textbooks and teaching aids, including for use in distance learning.

Specialty is in demand; virtually all students begin work on a specialty in the first year. In this regard, the Department uses a flexible training schedule, including conducting of classes in the evening, the opportunity to study a variety of disciplines in the form of distance (optional).

Our experience of retraining and advanced training of professionals and stable relations with professional societies guarantee a level of training of masters, allowing them to get started on a high professional level during training or after training.

Direction of retraining and advanced training

The main purpose of these programs is the retraining of specialists with higher education on various specialties of popular activities associated with computer graphics as well as increase of the professional level of specialists to meet modern requirements.

The Computer graphics

Retraining on specialty "Expert in the area of computer graphics and web-design" (web-designer) with duration of one year (1100 hours).

Staff of the Department of this specialty is the developer of state requirements (order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation № 3747, November 22, 2001) on which this program is implemented in more than 20 universities of the Russian Federation.

Retraining directions

  • Computer graphics of printing and web-design

  • Development and design of websites

  • Computer-aided design of the interior.

More than 800 professionals who are working successfully in the specialty in various organizations of St. Petersburg were trained in these areas of the Department.

There is advanced training in the direction of computer design.

Program tools of system of authorized design are studied with regard to engineering, construction, and architecture, geoinformation technologies.

Mainstream is the development of application of software products Autodesk which is one of the leading developers of software for designers.

Autodesk Authorized Training Center

Authorized training center company Autodesk (ATCLIMTU functions) at the Department of computer engineering and design, holding providing of firm training of most popular software of Autodesk with the issuance of an international certificate.

Autodesk is one of the leading producers of software for designers, planners, and designers in areas such as engineering, architecture, geoinformation technology, 3D-modeling, animation, virtual reality and the creation of a number of other destinations.

Status of authorized training center (ATC) is

  • accreditation by Autodesk

  • trained teachers by company

  • legal and the most recent version of Autodesk

  • technical support of Autodesk

  • the use of the brand ATC and promotion of center on the Internet resources Autodesk

  • acquisition of official training materials and training methods of teaching, Autodesk certificates for students.

This is for students and students studying in the ATC

  • opportunity to confirm their qualifications

  • opportunity to receive an international certificate which is recognized by employers and apply throughout the world

  • opportunity to get a tool for promotion and career

  • the possibility of including himself in the international database of specialists of Autodesk.

This is for employers

  • to receive assessment tools of working professionals

  • documentary confirmation of the ability of employees to use products of Autodesk.

The certified training is carried out in authorized training center Autodesk within programs

  • computer design in AutoCAD (basic level)

  • advanced level

  • 3D-modeling

  • three-dimensional modeling and designing in Autodesk Inventor

  • three-dimensional graphics and animation in Autodesk 3dsmax

  • computer-aided design Autodesk AutoCAD Architectural

  • information modeling in the architecture using Autodesk Revit

  • infrastructure facilities using Auto CAD Civil 3d

  • other Autodesk products on request.

The Distance learning

A system of distance learning (DL) was implemented by main retraining programs and advanced training at the Department.

Distance learning provides the opportunity to be retrained using the Internet anywhere and anytime. You select an individual learning style, a convenient mode of classes. Distance learning is cheaper than traditional forms of learning. Disciplines which are in the format of DL were structured to have more information saturation and a significant amount of self-examination and tests for control.

Drawing classes for adults, where people learned the art of drawing and painting operates at the Department.

For more information about other programs and activities of the Department can be found at the website of the academy.


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