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Department of On-board Weapons Control Systems

Виктор Балашов

Curator of the Department: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sarychev Valentin Aleksandrovich - Deputy Director for General Research of Open joint-stock company  "Radar MMS"

Telephone: 303-19-66 Fax: 302-16-16

By the decision of the Academic Council of 28 January, 2003 was established the extra-mural Department "Board devices of control of weapons and military equipment under Open Joint Stock Company "Scientific and Production Enterprise" Radar MMS", which is one of the leading enterprises of the defense complex of the Russian Federation. Company name includes an abbreviation of the first letters of the words "microelectronics, medicine, system", the word "Radar" defines the basic company profile.

Retraining is performed on the basis of military specialty "Maintenance and repair of the board control devices and test of equipment cruise missiles, surface ships", Institute for Integrated Military Education (IIME) of the University. Students who have completed the training, on gradation from the university are assigned the rank of "lieutenant" with admission to the reserve of the Armed Forces of the Navy of Russian Federation.

Classes are held on the basis of educational material IIME and OJSC "Scientific and Production Enterprise" Radar MMS". On the basis of educational material of "SPE" Radar MMS" students are studying in depth courses on automated methods of analog and digital information processing, system design techniques of radio and optical location systems, phased array radar mapping, construction, pattern recognition systems and other designed to provide students with professional confidence of development and maintenance of various systems and controls the movement of land, air and water transport, security and search radar systems.

When working at OJSC "NPP" Radar MMS " University graduates can specialize in the design and manufacture of radio and optical location systems, antenna devices, microwave devices technologies, automated data processing systems and management, software development of computer technology and automatic devices, etc.

Students, educated on the extra-mural Department, conclude with OJSC "NPP" Radar MMS" an agreement on an additional task of retraining, providing passage of enterprise industrial practice, the use of the production base for scientific experiments and implementation of the results in the production in exchange for their labor wages. The company provides students with extra-mural department more scholarship. The agreement also provides students an opportunity to publish their research and development work in the collections published by order of the "SPE" Radar MMS".

On educational base of  IIME students will study in-depth questions of construction, operation and maintenance of on-board instrumentation control sea-based cruise missiles facing armed Navy. The acquired knowledge will enable graduates of the extra-mural Department to serve as ex officio on the OJSC "NPP" Radar MMS" at a high qualification level.

Extra-mural Department invites you to additional target training students of 3, 4 and 5 courses having modern thinking and wanting to be unique professionals and to link their future professional activity with OJSC "Scientific and Production Enterprise" Radar MMS".

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