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Department was established in 2002, it is headed by Professor Sergey Kozlov, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the winner of an award of Lenin Komsomol in science and equipment, the Head of the Russian school of sciences "Femtosecond optics and femtotechnologies".

Department prepares the bachelors and masters in educational direction 200600 "Photonics and Optoinformatics". Within this direction we produce professionals for one of the innovative directions of modern science and technology. In particular, we are talking about

  • optical and quantum technologies of superfast information transfer and data recording

  • optical systems of artificial intelligence and ultrafast optical processors

  • information optical systems, which are based on new physical principles, including nanotechnology.

During trainingbachelors and masters receive in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the traditional disciplines in higher education and specialized disciplines such as

  • optical physics

  • theory of information and information systems

  • architecture of computer systems

  • systems and technologies of photonics

  • optical informatics

  • nanomaterials and nanotechnologies

  • quantum informatics

  • high-level programming languages

  • programming technologies on supercomputers

  • innovation management in high technologies.

The Department has research and education centers and laboratories equipped with the latest equipment

  1. Research and education center "Femtosecond optics and femtotechnologies"

  2. Research and education center 'Nanostructures and metamaterials technologies for processing, storage and transfer of information"

  3. Laboratory of optical artificial intelligence technologies

  4. Laboratory of quantum informatics

  5. Laboratory of applied holography

  6. Laboratory of parallel computing in nanophotonics/optoinformatics

  7. Laboratoryof optoinformatics.

The Department is equipped with

  • three computer classes - the student has unlimited access to computers and Internet resources

  • WiFi-access to computer networks on the territory of the Department for students, staff and Department

  • powerful modern TFLOPS supercomputer designed for high-performance computing in nanophysics, femtooptics, biomedical technologies

  • modern computerized projection equipment in lectures and educational laboratories.

Our graduates are employed in directions such as

  • development and exploitation of optical and quantum devices and systems of transfer, processing and data recording

  • creation and exploitation of lasers and laser systems of different function

  • development and application of holographic technologies

  • development of the software for photonics and optoinformatics systems

  • programming of high-performance calculations on supercomputers in scientific and innovative tasks.

In accordance with the curriculum starting from the second year students of the Department receive practical experience in the industry of Photonics and Optoinformatics. They participate in the work of the scientific and educational centers and laboratories of the Department in leading companies of St. Petersburg such as LLC "Corning CIS", CJSC "Optronix", Bercut Ltd, LLC "HoloGrate", LLC "Optikor". They are involved in implementation of state Orders of the Ministries of the Russian Federation,  as well as in the implementation of the tasks of the Russian and international grants and contracts.

Students of departament participate in the International conferences, they have publications in leading world editions, they become members of the Russian and International scientific organizations. Among students and post-graduate students there are holders of scholarship of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, the winners of competitions of scientific works, which are held by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the world's largest scientific societies, such as INTAS (Foundation for scientific and research works of the European community), SPIE (Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers), CRDF (U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation), OSA (The Optical Societyof America).

After the degrees of bachelor and master student can be enrolled in post-graduate for further development work.

Pavel Belov, the candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, is the leading researcher of the Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technology. At the basic Department experts conduct fundamental researches and developments of metamaterials for processing and transmission of images with ultra-high display resolution. Theseresearches and developments are radically changing the concept of establishmentof optical and microwave components in modern information-and-telecommunication technologies.

For the development of metamaterials Pavel Belov became a laureate of the prize of the President of Russia in 2009. Articles about Pavel Belov you can see on the site of the President of the Russian Federation and on the Internet.


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