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Department of Biotechnical and Thermophysical Process Automation

Vladimir Ivanov
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Bachelor's Degree Programs

Master's Degree Programs

The Department of Biotechnical and Thermophysical Process Automation trains bachelor's and master's students (program track #220700 - "Technological Processes and Facilities Automation").

The department was created in 1974, and has since trained about a thousand engineers that work in the food industry on the territory of the former Soviet Union and abroad. About 30 Ph.D. theses and 1 doctorate thesis were defended in the department.

The department has six modern laboratories, including the laboratory of technical tools of automation, metrological laboratory and computer classes. During the educational process and research, the department's students use a specialized laboratory equipped with personal computers, a projection unit, multimedia training tools and other modern equipment.

The department's research in the field of automation of technological processes of food industry facilities include

  • development and introduction of automated systems of control of technological processes and local automatic control systems into food industry, development of methods and modern equipment of automated control of special technological properties of food industry;

  • research in the field of no-contact water content measurement of biological objects;

  • research in the field of automated control of food product's quality and composition;

Computer modeling

  • computer modeling and visualization of properties of air currents for computer-aided design of ventilation systems of clean room facilities;

  • computer modeling and optimization of complex air currents in enclosed technological spaces during design of equipment for clean room facilities (microbiological safety cabinets, etc.);

  • optimal control of ventilation and conditioning systems in clean room facilities;

  • 2D and 3D computer modeling of hybrid nanostructures;

  • modeling of elements of nonvolatile memory based on new materials.

Development of technologies of intelligent monitoring and control of complex systems under conditions of prior uncertainty

  • development of algorithms and software for processing results of monitoring in conditions of uncertainty;

  • organization of preventive monitoring of facilities and systems;

  • risk analysis for different types of systems: industry-related, ecological, social, etc.

Research in the field of energy conservation and efficiency

  • development of automated energy-conserving systems for controlling technological processes;

  • research in the field of renewable energy sources.

Research in the field of uniformity of analytical measurements at technological facilities, especially in food and processing industries

  • adjustment of industry-specific analytical dimensions and values to the standards of the SI system;

  • development of the concept, principles and methodology of ensuring the uniformity of analytical measurements;

  • development and appraisal of methods to measuring physical and nonphysical quantities, expert and organoleptic;

  • graduation and calibration of analytical measurement tools;

  • elaboration of concepts of industry-specific analytical instrument base development;

  • unification of methods to measuring the quality levels of food production. 

The department’s graduates find work in food industry establishments in Russia and abroad.

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