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Mikhail Limonov
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The Department of Dielectric and Semiconductor Photonics was established on 1 July, 2016. It is part of the School of Photonics and a product of collaboration between ITMO University and the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The goal of the Special Master’s Department is to blend the opportunities and advantages provided by ITMO University with those of the Ioffe Technical Institute. The Ioffe Institute is a world-class research science institute. It has seen N.N.Semenov and J.I.Alferov create their Nobel-winning works.

Head of the Department Mikhail Feliksovich Limonov is Leading Research Associate of the Metamaterials Laboratory at ITMO University and Chief Research Associate of the Ioffe Institute. the works of M.F.Limonov include over 200 scientific publications; he has an h-index of 22.

The “Dielectric and Semiconductor Photonics” program is unique to Russian education. The academics center around scientific research. Students have the opportunity to work under supervision of theorists, or else to join experimentalist and technologist teams and work with modern equipment in both the Ioffe Institute and the “Metamaterials” Laboratory of ITMO University.

M.F.Limonov and A.M.Kalashnikova have recently spoken about the Department in an interview given to the “Saint-Petersburg” TV Channel; a video of the talk (in Russian) can be found via the following link.

Companies offering internships and employment to students of the Department

Students who wish to continue their graduate studies at Ioffe Institute, ITMO University or any other institution have the opportunity to create scientific groundwork during the two years of the program. Graduating as top professionals, students of the Department are always welcomed to such companies as “RUSNANO”, “Hevel”, “NT-MDT”, in the R&D Center for Thin-Film Technologies in Energetics of the Ioffe Institute, as well as in other companies and institutions. Professors of the Department are actively involved in scientific networking, have experience earning joint grants and participating in exchange programs for students and associates - with scientific centers of Germany, the UK, the USA, Israel, Australia, Finland.

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