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The Department was established in 1976.

The main target of the department - training of highly qualified specialists, optotechnical designers and analysts who are adapted to the modern issues of optical instrumentation. The Department is concentrated on the combination of fundamental university education and specialization in the problematics of microscopy, medical instruments, night vision equipment, laser equipment, etc. that are developed at the LOMO OJSC.

The Department focuses on training of university students to meet specific requirements of cutting edge trends of optical instrumentation development.

The postgraduate studies are held at the Department, which gives the young specialists an opportunity to continue their education process on a higher level while participating in solving of manufacturing issues.

The educational process is organized in laboratories ​​with modern equipment, directly at the engineers’ workplaces. The students use the computer equipment, the test-bench equipment of the divisions, as well as the company's technical library's fund. The subjects of the course works and diploma projects correspond to the scientific and industrial activity directions.

All disciplines are based on an extensive scientific, technical and manufacturing potential of the LOMO OJSC that has received the national recognition (it won the Lenin Prize, the State Prize of the USSR and Russian Prize).

This teaching approach showed that the graduates of the Department have passed the increased practical and theoretical training and can start the working process without passing the period of adaptation.

The attraction to the guidance of the Department of the leading specialists of the "LOMO" OJSC and manufacturing supervisors gives an opportunity to optimally coordinate the program of the educational process with the needs of manufacturing.

After the graduation from the Department that is based on an enterprise the graduates are guaranteed job places at the enterprise.

The Heads and the Faculty

The Faculty of the Department are the leading specialists of the enterprise: professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences B. Utenkov, the head of optotechnics division, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences M. Sokolsky, the leading specialist in microscopy, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences R. Raguzin, the leading experts of the enterprise, associate professors: L. Krynin, V. Tregub, S. Natarovsky. The employees of the department not only have the high level of professional training but also have an extensive experience in teaching.

The head of the Department is the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor A. Demin.

In September 2012, the Department was renamed in the Department of Optical Digital Systems and Technology.

Basic Principles of the Educational Process

The main principle of the formation of the educational process of the Department is to provide training in priority areas of optical instrumentation that are being developed at the enterprise, which include:

  • microscopy
  • medical equipment
  • optoelectronic devices for monitoring and control for the Naval Forces, the Army.

The education at the Department based on an enterprise that is located on the territory of the "LOMO" OJSC, starts on the fifth year after completing the studies of the natural sciences, general technical and specialized disciplines at the university. At the Department the 5th year students study specializations disciplines and perform the educational design and constructing work which is designed for a 1.5 academic years course and includes two coursework projects, pregraduating practice and diploma design. The educational design and constructing work is done exclusively on the subject of R&D of the "LOMO" OJSC.

The Department successfully combines theoretical training of students with practical advanced study of modern methods of designing of optical devices including the use of computer technologies, issues of quality assurance system in the design process and manufacturing of instruments.

The subject (direction) of the educational design and constructing work each student chooses according to their professional interests and the planned working position at LOMO after graduation.

Basic Disciplines of the Specialization

  • "Theoretical basis of quality assurance of optical instruments". Author: professor M. Sokolsky
  • "System and computer-aided design of optical instruments". Author: Associate Professor R. Raguzin
  • “Methods for design of complex electronic optical systems and complexes". Author: Associate Professor S. Natarovsky
  • “Designing of lenses, technology of their production and certification".  Author: Associate Professor L. Krynin
  • “Optical methods and instruments for measuring of lengths and angle". Author: Associate Professor V. Tregub.

The educational process in the Department’s disciplines is supported with methodological literature, at the Department there are over 20 textbooks prepared and published. Recently there were published the following textbooks: "Principles of the design of optical instruments, Part II", R. Raguzina, "Basics of design of lenses structures", L. Krynin; there was a program and guidelines "Manufacturing practice of students" created by I. Lapshina.

Potential of the Department

The Department employs 11 teachers. All members of the Department hold research on subjects that are relevant to the specialty "Optoelectronic devices and systems." The high scientific and technical level of R&D is confirmed by the copyright certificates, articles, conferences appearances.

Under the supervision of the Department’s staff there were such unique systems developed as the 6 meters long telescope BTA (it won the Lenin Prize), optoelectronic space telescope, scanner for ballot papers (it won the Russian Federation Government Prize) ,there were the optotechnical problems of all of the developed at the enterprise instruments and complexes solved.

During the period of the Department’s existence the staff members have published more than 350 scientific papers and have received more than 150 patents. Over the past five years 10 scientific papers were published and more than 20 patents were received.

 Main Scientific Directions and Achievements

The main scientific activities of the Department include the following directions:

  • "System design of optical instruments and complexes". The supervisor is the Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Boris Utenkov, the Head of CCB (1987 - 1998). He is a highly qualified optician, the supervisor of several promising areas of optoelectronic instrumentation. He is an author of over 100 scientific publications, including 50 patents for inventions in the field of optics and optotechnics. He is known for his works on thermal imaging, hydrooptics, laser distance measuring.
  • "Issues of quality of optical image, calculation, manufacturing and control of optical elements." The supervisor is the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Sokolsky, the head of the division of optotechnics at the "LOMO" OJSC. He is a highly qualified specialist in the fields of development and design of optical systems and optotechnics, the author of over 130 scientific publications, including more than 60 invention certificates. He is the author of the monography "Tolerances and quality of the optical image." By him and under his supervision optical systems of spectral, astronomical instruments, instruments for special purposes, range of lenses for different purposes, night vision devices and many others were developed and implemented in the manufacturing. He has participated in the creation of the world's largest telescope BTA, space telescopes.
  • "Methods for the design of complex optoelectronic systems." The supervisor is the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Sergey Natarovsky, the leading specialist in microscopy. Under his supervision and with his direct participation more than 60 photic microscopes were developed. Many of them are marked with the Grand Prix and gold medals at the World and International exhibitions and fairs. He has about 100 scientific publications and inventions, he is an author of more than 10 textbooks.

Scientific and Manufacturing Base of the Department

The teaching and research works of the Department are based at the equipped workplaces of the enterprise. The laboratory works and a number of workshops are held in laboratories and plants. The coursework projects and diploma design are organized by the CCB units at the equipped workplaces, with the use of instruments and equipment provided by the Department. The laboratories are equipped with modern optical equipment, computers, computer workplaces are available for students. The students use the technical library of the enterprise.

The educational disciplines are built using modern design techniques: laboratory works using CAD "Optics", the designing and technological documentation is made on the basis of a computer.

Besides, the Department based on an enterprise organizes at the request of a number of university departments the manufacturing and pregraduating practice, educational and research works, provides course and diploma design for students of 2nd-6th years.

Graduation of Students

The Department through the 30 years has prepared more than 400 young specialists for the optical industry. Furthermore, annually more than 150 university students are introduced to the manufacturing base of the enterprise by executing the program of manufacturing practice at the II - IV years, pregraduating practice at the VI year, educational and research works, course and diploma design at the V and VI years in the design bureaus and laboratories of the "LOMO" OJSC.

The State Attestation Commission regularly notes the high quality and the relevance of the defended projects and the good grounding of the graduates.

Many graduates of the Department are successfully employed at the enterprise. Currently, a number of them occupy the leading positions at the enterprise, design bureaus, laboratories.

Publications in the newspaper "University ITMO", № 14 on the activities of the Department based on an enterprise.

Publications in the newspaper "University ITMO", № 26 on the activities of the Department based on an enterprise.

Publications in the newspaper "University ITMO", № 67 on the activities of the Department based on an enterprise.


The Department in cooperation with the "LOMO" OJSC are the initiators of the establishment of scholarships that are annually given to the good and excellent performing students of the University who have achievements in the field of instrumentation. Since 2007, the amount of the scholarship that is named after the founder and first general director of the "LOMO" OJSC M. Panfilov is 2 thousand rubles per month, and the scholarship of "LOMO" OJSC is 1500 rubles per month. Regulations on the scholarships contest and the information about the winners are placed on the portal of the University in the "Activities / Scholarships" section.

In order to improve the professional target training of specialists for "LOMO" OJSC and the expansion of the student structure for students of the department there was a “LOMO” scholarship established for the students of the Department in the amount of 1000 rubles per month.

Qualification Improvement of the Employees of Enterprises

Since 2007, the Department provides professional retraining in the educational program "Optoelectronic instruments and systems".

For example, in 2007 and 2008 the young specialists of the Vologda optical-and-mechanical plant have been retrained and received the state standard diplomas of the vocational retraining.

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