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Department of Russian as a Foreign Language

Natalya Kondrashova

The department's main task is teaching Russian language to foreign students who want to increase their level.

The department focuses on:

  • training foreign citizens for studying in Russian universities;

  • teaching Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students according to relevant educational programs;

  • developing new educational programs for teaching Russian as a foreign language;

  • developing testing and assessment materials, monitoring the results of training and correcting the curriculum and programs with regard to these results;

  • participating in the work of Summer Schools;

  • contributing to social adaptation of foreign students and their integration in the educational and cultural environment;

  • research in such areas as linguistics, literature studies, and teaching Russian as a foreign language methodology.

The department's specialists have developed programs of different difficulty for all types of education at ITMO University.

Foundation Program

  • a pre-tertiary program in Russian for foreigners.

Bachelor's students

  • Foreign language (Russian as a foreign language);

  • Spoken Russian (Russian as a foreign language);

  • Advanced course in foreign language (Russian as a foreign language);

Master's students

  • Business foreign language (Russian as a foreign language);

  • Practical course in profession-oriented translation (Russian as a foreign language);

  • Foreign language in professional activity (Russian as a foreign language);

 PhD students

 Russian Language and Culture of Speech.

Summer schools

  • Programs in Russian of different difficulty levels;

  • Programs on Russian history and culture.

The Department of Russian as a Foreign Language participates in the Promotion of Russian language and education in Russian program by the Council on the Russian Language and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. So as to keep the highest level of qualification, our staff regularly attend courses at the The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute and Russia's other leading universities, as well as take part in different conferences on Russian language.

All of the department's staff have completed programs on linguo-didactic testing.

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