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The Department prepare students in  the following directions:

  • 230200 «Information Systems and Technology»
  • 080700 «Business Informatics».

The «Information Systems and Technology» direction is the widest of the lines of computer profile and it focuses on the area of software creating and on the part of IT services, which is related directly to a software.

Specialists on development, implementation, administration and development of computer networks and systems, their information content and software;  techniques and technologies for design and system integration, debugging, production and opertion of computer software for management information systems in business, industry, banking, media, energy, institutions of administrative management, telecommunications, science and education and other derictions, Internet technology and information Internet systems. The fact that the share of the software can be up to ninety percent when establishing such systems is their common feature.

Broad-scoped Software Packages, computer systems and networks, Database and Data Warehousing, interactive expert system of artificial intelligence, e-commerce systems, enterprise systems for management of companies and complex technical objects - from the oil corporation and the bank to power stations and airport, computer games and office applications, Internet portals and missions - this is not a complete list of areas where graduates of the Department in the direction «Information Systems and Technology» make efforts.

Future programmers, system and network administrators, designers and specialists in the implementation and operation of complex computer corporate information-management systems, database administrators, technical support engineers and managers of information technology are being trained in the direction «Information Systems and Technology».

Students trained in the direction of  «Business Informatics», will be engaged in information management and computerization of business processes, support of business processes (management, marketing, economy, law) in Information Technology, analysis, design, implementation and operation of corporate management information systems in business, industry, media, organs of government etc., organization of innovative business in the area of information and telecommunication technologies, sales of IT solutions.

The need for such specialists is increasing year by year. For example, recently, corporate information and control systems in Russia were used mainly in large corporations of oil and gas, energy, metallurgical and banking economic sectors. In coming years, similar systems will be used actively in middle and small business. Accordingly, employers will be looking for specialists, who understand how a modern computer-based information and networking technologies, as well as business processes of the real economy - system analysts, designers and specialists in the implementation and operation of complex enterprise information management systems, project managers. A similar situation is in the field of high-tech innovative business. Much attention has been given to its development inour country in recent years.

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