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Andrey Zlenko
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The Social Design and Entrepreneurship Center is part of the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations at ITMO University.

The Center focuses on developing a university-wide system for project management in the social field, student's competencies in the field of social entrepreneurship, as well as stimulating the development of national and international projects and programs that provide for student involvement and effective participation in socially important projects.

To this end, the Center conducts project, research, educational and consulting activities, as well as contributes to the development of collaboration and partnership between student action groups with non-profit organizations, the business community, academic organizations, nongovernmental and international structures.

The Center's main goals are

  • creating a system for instigating and carrying out student and staff social and social-entrepreneurial projects for developing the socio-cultural environment that would contribute to their inclusive development;

  • consultancy and informational support of the university's students and staff;

  • developing collaboration with the managers of social projects in the region where the university operates, in the Russian Federation and on the international level;

  • monitoring, analyzing and researching the activity of the internal and external community in the social field on the national and international level;

  • promotion of ITMO's best practices in the social field on the national and international level;

  • organizing collaboration of specialists from different fields (both technical and humane) on formulation of proposals and carrying out social projects;

  • developing, coordinating the development and introduction of field-specific educational courses;

  • carrying out core and extra educational programs, both as on-site and distance education.

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