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Department of Computer Design of On-Board Сomputer Equipment

Igor Zharinov
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The Department based on the experimental design bureau "Electroautomation" was established in 1980. The founder and the first head of the Department is the Hero of Socialist Labor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor P. Efimov who graduated from the LITMO in 1935. Since 2007, the company bears the name of P. Efimova – P. Efimov experimental design bureau "Electroautomation".

The director and the chief designer of the enterprise is the PhD, professor P. Paramonov who graduated from the LITMO in 1968.

The Department provides training for specialists in aircraft electronics (avionics) who will participate in development of

  • navigational piloting and specific complexes
  • onboard computers and computing facilities
  • information management field of the cockpit
  • functional software
  • aviation simulators
  • computer-aided design systems for hardware and software.

The staff and graduates of the Department took part in the development of various samples of domestic aircraft: Tu-134, Tu-204, Tu-160, Il-96, Yak-42, MiG-29, Su-27, Ka-50 "Black Shark ", Ka-52 "Alligator", etc.


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