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Master's Degree Programs

In modern times, there is a pressing demand for specialists who can analyze complex socio-technical processes and their interrelation with the modern bio-technical environment, develop requirements for designing and developing objects of socio-cultural environment from both a technical point of view and from the point of view of researching social problems.

The Systemic Analysis and Management in Social and Cultural Field program trains a range of competencies in the field of developing modern social-technical systems and user behavior in computer-oriented systems and environments.

Such specialists focus their research on:

  • user behavior in computerized environment; decision theory, internet communication practices, joint management and control (including distributed commands);

  • ergonomic, psychological and sociocultural aspects of user-environment interaction (analysis and assessment of decisions in the field of information provision, assessment of information resources, elaborating requirements to systems design, corporate culture and identity analysis by using means of virtual environment);

  • Big Data and deriving knowledge from complex sociotechnical systems (sociocultural knowledge), expert systems and developing specialized knowledge bases;

The students get knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, cognitive ergonomics, IT, data mining, user interfaces, decision support systems, mathematical statistics and user behavior, and project documentation analysis.

The program's main disciplines include:    

  • Systemic Analysis and Sociocultural Environment Synthesis;

  • Engineering psychology and ergonomics;

  • Information space in sociocultural environment;

  • Information sociocultural systems design;

  • Digital cultural heritage;

  • Methods to researching information resource's usability, and other.
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