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The Department was formed on 9 February 2015 as a result of reorganization of former Departments of "Applied Economics and Marketing", "Economic Theory and Business" of the Humanities Department and the Department of "Economic Theory and Economic Policy" of the former Economic Theory and Policy Department.

The Departments of Economic Theory and Business, Applied Economics and Marketing were organized in the 90-s of the XX century, in response to the sharply increased demand of the society for specialists in the field of economics and business management.

A distinctive feature of the Department are extensive applied research activities led and coordinated by the doctor of Economics, Professor O. V. Vasyukhin, a recognized expert in the field of manufacturing structures. Vasyukhin is the author of 63 experimental R&D projects, one of which was awarded a bronze medal at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNH) in 1982. Since 1990, several large scale projects on the organization of (trial) experimental production, were carried out under his direct supervision for a number of the Leningrad scientific research institutes, factories and pilot productions,.

The Department of Economic Theory and Economic Policy (ETEP) was set up in 2007 by the University Rector’s decision. Since its organization the Department is headed by the Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor N. A. Shapiro, author of more than 170 scientific, teaching and methodological works, an acting  member of the international public organization ‘The Economy Philosophy Academy’ at the Moscow State University (MSU) a staff member of the International Research Center "Sustainability and Resource Efficiency in the Food Chain", deputy chief editor of the ITMO University scientific journal "Economics and Environmental Management", listed among the Supreme Accreditation Committee journals (SAC = WAC). Since 9 February 2015 the ETEP Department belongs to the Economics and Strategic Management Department.

Today the Department employs 7 professors, 21 associate professors, 11 senior teachers, 11 assistants, 3 tutors. The basic training courses are: "Economic Theory", "Regional Economy", "National Economy", "State Regulation of National Economy", "Social and Economic Forecasting", "Public Economics", "Science", "Corporate Information Systems in Economics", "Economics of Information Security", "Subject-Oriented Economic Information Systems", "Economic Evaluation of Investments", "Business Planning", etc.

The Department is constantly updating its teaching resources through development and introduction of new teaching materials (textbooks, electronic textbooks, testing programs for distance learning). The courses reflect opinions of both specialists in manufacturing and scholars of the related departments. Communication with external organizations makes it possible to update the content of the professional disciplines taught by up to 10-15% annually.

Computer classes, inter-departmental laboratories and the Department’s own resources amount to several dozens of the newest computers. INTERNET is actively used in the learning process. The classroom network is also linked to the University network RUNNET.

The Department conducts scientific research and development in the following areas

  • Analysis, substantiation and development of anti-crisis and stabilization programs in the national economy
  • Regulation of production activities at different levels of management
  • Planning of personnel policies and scientific research conducted in the respective organizations
  • Organizational design of enterprises
  • Analysis and modeling of innovation-oriented organizations
  • The feasibility study of innovative projects.

As a result of extensive research activities the  Department has established and cooperates with related departments of the Russian universities, including the St. Petersburg State University, the St. Petersburg State University of Economics & Finance (SPUE&F), the St. Petersburg State University of Cinematography & Theatre, the St. Petersburg State University of Mechanics & Technology, the Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov, MUSEI, and others. Over the last five years the Department’s staff members have participated in 50 national and international conferences, have been invited by foreign partners for company and business visits abroad four times, published more than 10 monograms (over 90 scientific publications, including teaching materials and methodological works).

The main objectives of the Department’s development

  • Improvement of scientific andresearch methods of work for students, post graduate students, scientific and pedagogical staff
  • Organization and implementation of a wide range of applied scientific research projects
  • Development of strong and durable relations with foreign counterparts.

Available International Programs

Under the guidance of the Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor S. B. Smirnova, author of 112 scientific publications (including four books and seven booklets) the department is actively developing international research and pedagogical activities by participating in several international educational programs

  1. Continued training for bachelor degree at the University of Helsinki
  2. Problems of youth crime and the socio-economic development of the Baltic States (seminars in 2001 in the cities of Stuttgart and Mainz)
  3. Long-term program on cooperation with Beijing Mechanical Institute in the field of perspectives for national economy sectors development. Chinese students are being trained at ITMO University as part of this program.

Cooperation with companies engaged in production and pre-diploma internships and those offering employment possibilities for the graduates.

Internship possibilities for students and companies offering work placement for graduates

  • The federal state enterprise "State Scientific-Research Institute of Applied Problems"
  • JSC concern "Marine Underwater Weapons - Gidropribor"
  • St. Petersburg state unitary enterprise "Mostotrest"
  • The Central Bank of Russia; ZAO "Raiffeisenbank"
  • Saint Petersburg state public institution "Capital Construction and Reconstruction" (the Construction Committee)
  • LLC "Technology Plus" (IT-Department)
  • JSC "Gazprom - Transgaz - Saint Petersburg"
  • Awara IT Solutions (Microsoft partner for ERP systems implementation)

and other companies and organizations.

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