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The Department of Secure Information Technologies  (SIT) provides training for specialists in 090103 "Organization and Security Technology of Information" and for bachelors and masters in 090900 "Information Security" . An advanced preparation profile, the knowledge of the methods for information security and of  information protection facilities , practical skills in working with modern hardware, software and hybrid protection of information allow graduates of the department to find a job at manufacturing enterprises, subdivisions for information security, research and innovative organizations as well as commercial structures. The graduates of the Department of the last few years work at Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEK), Kaspersky Lab, companies like Dr.WEB, specialized in the development and application of integrated security systems enterprises like "Eureka" Gazinformservice, etc. The partners of the Department are "Voentelecom" JSC, St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of RAS, The General Staff Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Military Space Academy of Mozhaysky, the Boston University (USA), the Committee on City Property Management of St. Petersburg administration and other scientific organizations and universities.

At the SIT Department the researchand development work in the field of security and protection of telecommunication computing systems information are held including:

  1. Analysis of the vulnerability of automated data processing systems and computer equipment.
  2. Design and development of secure information transmission systems.
  3. Certification of the security facilities and automated systems with security facilities for compliance with a particular class of security.
  4. Characterization of the threats to information and information threats.
  5. Monitoring of information flows in a natural language in public telecommunication networks.
  6. Methods for identification of users on the Internet.
  7.  Methods for constructing the intrusion detection systems.
  8.  Methods of designing cryptographic computing systems that are resistant to current types of attacks.

The specialists of the SIT Department held certification tests of a variety of network protection facilities. Those tests allow them to make full use of the merits of each of the systems in order to achieve the maximum quality of security and comfort of the customer. The graduates and members of the Department are the authors of some basic guidance documents of SIT Department of the FSTEC Russia.

The results of research and studies that the students, graduate students and department’s staff have achieved were repeatedly discussed at international conferences and published in several Russian scientific, technical and specialized journals and monographs.
The Department of Secure Information Technologies is headed by the doctor of technical sciences, Associate Professor Igor Zikratov.

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