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The Department was created on the basis of Vavilov State Optical Institute, the leading optical Institute of Russia, which has rich traditions in optics and optical materials science. The Department was established in 1994 and was called Department of Optical Materials Science. After reorganization in 1999, the Department was renamed the Department of Optical Materials Science and Optics. In 2005, the Department received the modern name - the Department of Optics Information Technologies and Materials.

Department prepares young professionals: engineers, bachelors and masters specializing in optical materials, optical technologies, spectral, optical and physical instruments, physical optics and spectroscopy, fiber and integrated optics, optical engineering, optoelectronic devices and systems. The Department trains graduate students on the basis of post-graduate courses at the National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics and at the Vavilov State Optical Institute.

Organization, purpose and structure of the Сhair

The Department was established to prepare highly qualified specialists in the most pressing areas of modern optics based on a new level of integration of higher education, implemented at the University of Information Technologies and scientific schools, represented in the Vavilov State Optical Institute. The main task of the Department based on the enterprise is training of highly qualified specialists, adapted to solve modern problems of optical materials and instrumentation. Department attaches paramount importance to the combination of fundamental university education with specialized areas of VSOI. Among them are: space instrument, laser technology, spectroscopy and thermal imaging equipment, materials and technologies for optoelectronics, fiber and integrated optics, laser and nonlinear materials, radiation-resistant  and photosensitive materials, nanoscale materials and nanotechnology and etc.

Basic Department focuses on the organization of targeted training students for further work in VSOI. This targeted training aimed at improving the professional level of university graduates in accordance with the specific requirements, that reflect current trends of optical materials science, optics and instrumentation.

Today the Department covers three directions

  • optical materials science
  • information optical technique
  • physical optics and spectroscopy.

Courses of lectures in these directions are read by leading experts of Vavilov State Optical Institute. Highly qualified teaching staff includes 9 professors (doctors of physical and mathematical, technical and chemical sciences) and 6 docents (Candidates of Sciences). Involvement of the leading specialists and chiefs of VSOI helps to combine the curriculum with the needs of the Institute in young specialists. The Department includes teaching and research laboratory, in which students carry out experiments on the spectroscopy, refractometry, optics, lasers and solid-state physics. Until 2005, the academician Gury Petrovsky actively worked at the Department.

Basic principles of the educational process and directions

The main principle is preparation of students in directions which are actively developed by the VSOI

  • optical materials science
  • space instrumentation
  • laser physics
  • fiber and integrated optics
  • holography and spectroscopy
  • optoelectronic devices and systems of surveillance and control.

Training at the basic Department begins with IV course, after studying the natural sciences, general technical and special disciplines at the University. Basic Department located at two sites (Birzhevaya line, 12 and Babushkina str., 36/1). Curricula of the Department meet all educational standards.

XXI century is the century of optoinformatics: Professor Sergey Kozlov gave an interview to the newspaper «ITMO University» about the activities of the Сhair.

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