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The Affiliated Degree Department of Applied Programming and Technological Innovations was created in 2014 on the basis of the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies and the "Open Code" Company (a leading system integrator in the field of Information Technologies in the Samara Region). It is aimed at increasing the quality of ITMO's educational, research and innovative activities, joint training of specialists and conducting collaborative research projects in the field of IT and technological innovations.

From 2014, ITMO's Department of Applied Programming and Technological Innovations and Samara State University has been conducting a unique Master's Degree program - Intelligent Systems and Technologies Software (program track #090401, Information and Computer Science); the program’s students get the opportunity to study at two of Russia's leading universities simultaneously and get two diplomas as a result. There are two specialties offered by the program: IT in Medicine and Intelligent Transport Systems.

Modern specialists are trained based on the optimal combination of traditional and new methods when creating lessons and thematic courses. The program is practice-oriented, and was created using innovative educational technologies and methods.

The master's students study at Russia's leading universities (ITMO University and Samara State University) under the guidance of experienced scientific advisors in modern laboratories, and get a unique opportunity to work on real projects on the technological base of the Open Code Company.

The students can also make use of the opportunities presented by the Distance Education Center of the Open Code Company, where they can organize video sessions for two or more platforms, Internet link-ups, and conduct workshops, video-conferences and open lectures in real-time mode.

Upon successfully completing the program, its best graduates get a chance to be employed by the Open Code Company and other leading companies in the IT sphere.

Open Code JSC.

The Open Code Company is one of the leading regional system integrators in the field of IT.

The company is the center of competencies and technology transfer of Russian open-source software of Rosnano and Rostec.

The knowledge assets of the company feature several tens of open-source software platforms of 250 million rubles of estimated value.

The company has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in successful management of high-technology innovative projects in the field of development of intelligent software, information security, and supplying governmental and commercial entities with software and specialized equipment.

The company was founded in 2001, employs more than 200 professional programmers, analysts, technical specialists, security engineers and project managers on a full-time basis and outsources up to a thousand more specialists.

The company's managerial system is certified according to the QMS ISO9001-2008.

Since 2013, it has been in the top-30 of the TechUspekh rating of Russia's best innovative companies, and has a growing network of partners both in Russia and abroad.

As of now, the company works in the following areas

  • Development and introduction of intelligent software created using the company’s own technological platform;

  • Supplying software and equipment (from office machinery to data processing centers, data storage systems and the like) from leading vendors and manufacturers;

  • Informational security and classified information protection;

  • Laboratory of Informational Security;

  • Data Processing Center;

  • Complex services on creating electronic archives;

  • Multipurpose Contact Center;

  • Educational Center (in collaboration with Russia's leading universities);

  • Research Center for New Technologies and Inventions;

  • Competence Center for Open Source Software;

  • Internet TV and media projects;

  • Social projects.

The company has all the necessary FSB and FSTEC licenses for working in the field of information security, as well as invention certificates for its innovative solutions.

The high significance and innovative nature of the company's software solutions is substantiated by many awards and diplomas from different Russian and foreign contests, such as Softool, Infoforum, Brussels Eureka, MS4 Doctors, etc.

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