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Evgeny Yablochnikov
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Bachelor's Degree Programs

Master's Degree Programs

The Department conducts research in fields of

  • Digital production. Organizing a digital production implies using CNC equipment, automatic control systems, CAD systems and technologies. Digital production makes use of batch techniques, selective assembly and adaptive manufacturing that use relevant metrology data that provides for rapid analysis and adjustment of technological systems;

  • Automation of precision devices assembly. We solve problems related to assembling devices of high functional precision from parts of lesser precision, develop methods for decision optimization, unification and type-design, develop software engineering environments and specified control and decision support systems.

  • Process engineering in instrumentation with the use of CALS (Continuous Acquisition & Life Cycle Support). We work on approaches to developing CAD technological processes based on creating a common informational space and use of cloud technologies, as well as research the principles for creating ontologies for CAD systems in process engineering, and control systems for managing technological knowledge, methods to creating web-applications that interact based on multiagent technologies.

  • Development and application of additive technologies. The research is aimed at developing approaches to choosing additive technologies for manufacturing, forecasting an item's quality based on manufacturing means, effective use of additive technologies on different stages of the item's lifecycle. We develop methods of applying additive technology for producing injection moulds and growing items from different materials, as well as new types of platforms for additive equipment and control systems.

  • Optimizing the microgeometry of machine part's surface. We conduct research on defining the interrelations between the graphical quality evaluation criteria with types and operation modes of machine detail's surface treatment, and develop corresponding intelligent databases for increasing the product's quality by improving surface microgeometry to attain particular functional properties;

  • Polymer items production technology. The research is aimed at defining the relation of an item's properties to the mode of polymer processing, defining the requirements to form lining of injection moulds and choosing the optimal operation modes for developing high-precision optical and electronic machine parts. Computer analysis is conducted with the use of modern modeling systems and statistical optimization techniques.

International Programs

The Department conducts research in collaboration with European universities in the following fields: 

  • Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany -

    • Design and manufacture of optical products and systems from polymeric materials;

    • Modeling and analysis of technological processes by injection molding using advanced software systems;

    • Development of technologies for creating products of polymer optical materials for applying in lens-, diffraction-, ophthalmic-, gradient- and micro-optics;

Co-head: Professor Michael Koch, Department of Plastics Technologies of Technische Universität Ilmenau;

  • Université de Liège, Belgium:

    • Engineering analysis and design optimization of products from polymeric materials;

Co-head: Olivier Brüls, Professor of mechanical engineering, head of Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

Partner Companies

The Department’s partner companies include but are not limited to such enterprises as LOMO JSC, Techpribor JSC, Diakont JSC, Avangard JSC, Vavilov State Optical Institute, Concern CSRI "Elektropribor" JSC, JSC Scientific-production enterprise Radar MMS, Arsenal Jsc, OJSC GOZ Obukhov Plant, Akson Company and others.

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