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This is one of the oldest Department of the University. The Department has traditionally provided and still provides the basic training for students in design. Through the years the Department was headed by Professor Georgiy Ananov, assistant professors Ivan Prokofev, Boris Poshehonov, professor Yury Yudin.

Since the 1997/1998 academic year the Department has started training in the specialty "Vocational training. Engineering and computer graphics" with the qualification in the specialty of "engineer-teacher".

For realization of the educational process and scientific research the Department has good material and technical base, including the variety of modern computers connected to the Internet.

The scientific work at the Department is held by leading teachers and post graduates in cooperation with other Departments of the University, government and scientific centers and institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The main directions of scientific work of the Department

  • Development of telecommunication educational network for the system of continuous education in St. Petersburg

  • Mathematical modeling of the interaction of fluids (water, wind, steam, gas) with geometric surfaces in mini-and microplants for renewable energy, including research and development of methods for automated design of wind and hydropower plants of vertical type with automatic angle of attack settings of the blades

  • Research and development of the prototypes of expert system on the basis of logical programming PDC and Visual Prolog languages

  • Development of a methodical program complex for mathematical and geometric modeling of mechanical systems for controlled flexible endoscopes

  • Research of lined and nonlined helical surfaces using their flat analogues for the design of the modified gearing.


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