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Alexey Bakholdin
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Master's Degree Programs

Department's History

The department's research activity is focused on current issues in applied and computer optics. The educational process is closely linked to research conducted at the department. Starting with third year, the students are involved in working on research projects. The research is financed from different sources, including contracts with Russian and foreign organizations, governmental and international funds and various grants.

Among the department's fields of activity are

  • design and modeling of optical systems;

  • methods of optical control and computer processing of corresponding data;

  • design of optical systems and devices;

  • automation of optical devices design;

  • hologram optics and hologram optics-based devices;

  • automation of optical systems design;

  • image analysis and processing.

International Programs

The department has a Master's Double Degree program on Optical Design with the Warsaw University of Technology (Poland). Bachelor's students can participate in academic mobility programs with the ORT Braude College (Israel). 

Partner Companies

Among the companies the department cooperates with are:

  • LOMO Jsc;

  • Engineering Research Center Kometa;

  • "Svetlana-Poluprovodniki" CJSC,

  • and many others. 
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