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Valentin Tomasov
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The ET&PES Department is one of the oldest in the university. The Department provides general professional and specialized training for students of five Departments of the University in the disciplines of electronic and electrotechnical cycle. In total, the Department teachers implement about 40 disciplines and the laboratories of the Department annually enroll more than 80 student groups.

The Department also provides training for specialists in the field of "Electrotechnics, Electromechanics and Electrical Technologies" with the further training in the field of "Electrotechnics" and "Electric drive and automation", providing intensive training in the field of automated electric drive, power electronics, microprocessor technologies, circuit design and other disciplines, without knowledge of which it is impossible to build a modern control system.

The works on the development and research of electrotechnical complexes and systems on the basis of high-performance semiconducting converters and microprocessor control systems are traditional for the Department. Primarily, these are the management systems for precision quantum-optical systems, which are used for monitoring of the atmosphere state and man-made environment’s state, space objects tracking, trajectory measurements and the field tests for aircraft of various purposes. The range of issues that the Department also is dealing with includes the development and studying of the intelligent programmable power supplies that are used for control of technological processes in coating using methods for unsteady electrolysis, various chargers, etc.

The Department of Electrotechnics was established in 1936. The scientific school that was formed on its basis under the guidance of the Honored Scientist of the RSFSR, the full member of the Russian Federation Academy of Electrotechnics professor Tatiana Glazenko, contributed significantly to the development and improvement of the domestic converter equipment. The professor of the Department was the Honored Scientist of the RSFSR, the current member of the International Academy of Energy professor Yury Sabinin, who is considered to be one of the founders of the Leningrad school of electricians. The scientific and methodological developments of these famous scientists are the basis of the development of electromechanical school of our university.

As the part of postgraduate courses the Department prepares candidates and doctors of technical sciences in the following fields: "Power Electronics", "Electrical systems and complexes, including their management and regulation". Since the establishment of the Department there were defended five doctoral and more that 40 candidate’s theses.

Along with the advanced studies of general professional and special disciplines, the students gain practical skills of working with modern electromechanical systems and elemental base at the educational laboratories of the Department

  • Electrical circuits
  • Electrical machines
  • Electrical measurements
  • Foundations of Electronics
  • Instrumental electric drive with semiconducting converters
  • Programmable controllers.

The Department has two specialized computer classes, one of which is connected to the Internet.

The quantum optical complexes that are taking the trajectory measurements and satellite wiring in the Caucasus, Moscow and Altai are equipped with the automated electric drives that were developed at the Department. With consideration of the positive experience of cooperative works on creation of quantum optical systems for various purposes, the University represented by the ET&PES Department was defined by the Russian Aviation and Space Agency as the leading organization in the creation of the electric power drives on the basis of torque motors and high-performance converters with computer control for the systems of new generation.

At many international exhibitions (for example, "HIMITEHNIKA-93", Moscow, "Technochemistry - 98", St. Petersburg and "Optotechnics-94", St. Petersburg) there were exposed: "Programmable power supply for electroplating vat", "Inverter battery charger", "Cycle of laboratory works on the course of electric drive foundations". At the 5th International Airshow "MAKS-2001" in August of 2001 the optical laser complex of trajectory measurements with the guidance system that was developed at the ET&PES Department was exhibited.


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