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Department of Computer System Design and Security

Danil Zakoldaev
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The Department provides training for bachelors, masters and specialists in the field of information security of computer systems and design of electronic computing equipment.

In 2011 the Department of Design and Security of Computer Systems became the best Department of the NRU ITMO and took the honorable 1st place in the contest for Departments of the university. The Сhair is the leader of the University on the number of defended masters and doctoral theses. The Department publishes its own collection of research papers of students, masters and postgraduates.

Every year in April the Department holds the research schools of the DSCS Department: "Information Security" and "Design, technology of elements and nodes of computer systems" for enrollees, students, masters and postgraduates of the DSCS Department.

The teachers of the Department (D. Muromtsev and others) have organized the "Laboratory of Intelligent Systems" AILAB which deals with Semantic Web technologies, methods for ontologies construction and knowledge engineering, programming for mobile platforms and Smart Spaces technologies. Based on the "Laboratory of Intelligent Systems" there is a seminar school "Modeling of knowledge in the processes and states" held.

The teachers of the DSCS Department (P. Kosenkov) in collaboration with the students are working within the Open Project (Open Source Hardware) on the development of single board computers, new platforms and software.

The teachers (V. Vlasov) and the students of our Department are actively involved in the work of foundation for development of innovations, technologies and entrepreneurship Open and Future Web Foundation. They were listed among the organizers and participants of the International Conferences NevaCamp in 2009-10 which have been attended by 500 participants from more than 10 countries. The conferences goals were: the development of technological entrepreneurship in the youth and student community; support for projects in the search for investors and experts, identifying of promising directions of development for the future of the Internet, search for new ideas for new web and media projects, creation of a platform for sharing experiences and communication for start-up entrepreneurs, developers and investors.

The learning process is carried out by highly qualified teachers  including 8 doctors of technical sciences, professors and 26 candidates of technical sciences, associate professors. In six specialized training laboratories and computer classes of the DSCS Department students get the practical experience in modern methods and means of information security of computer systems and objects of information, as well as in instruments for design and technology of electronic systems. At the Business Espionage Counteraction Laboratory and at the Department based on the experimental design bureau "Electroautomation", students and masters are holding the research, production and technological and pre-diploma practices.

Students, masters and postgraduates of the DSCS Department

  • are trained in the leading foreign universities of Holland, USA, Germany, Finland
  • participate in the research works of leading industrial enterprises of St. Petersburg
  • participate in the symposiums, regional and international conferences
  • win grants by taking part in international and regional competitions
  • receive scholarships
  • publish their works in Russian and foreign magazines.
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