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Department of Computation Technologies implements various research and scientific projects in accordance with the development program, supporting the leading science and educational research schools of St. Petersburg. Graduate and postgraduate students are actively involved in scientific research in the following fields

  • Works in the field of computing systems and networks are aimed at developing means and methods of system engineering by applying analytical and simulation models to real systems. Thus the problems of performance evaluation and optimisation of fail-safe high-assurance systems, creating the pattern of complex maintenance, safety and stability of systems functioning in conditions of glitches, crashes and external destructions are being solved. Methods and means of implementation of information security and data protection from unauthorized access to computing systems.
  • Research in the field of parallel and distributed computing is connected with solving problems of analysing technologies of parallel programming in shared memory systems and modification of sequential algorithms for operating in parallel mode. It involves analysis and development of lock-free data structures, evaluation of their performance in different conditions. The application of CUDA technology the efficiency of parallel computing administration is being studied with much attention to tools and methods of dynamic analysis of execution of parallel programs.
  • Research in the field of processing and recognition of digital images and audio signals is targeted at developing new methods, algorithms and programs for solving problems of processing and analysis of images in order to enhance them. The other aspects of research are dynamic image analysis, modelling object’s trajectory; image recognition in spite of its location, orientation and scale, spectral images’ processing. New methods of labelling the image with built-in digital watermarks and methods of increasing robustness of recognition in multimodal biometric systems are being developed and the efficiency of the currently used methods is evaluated.
  • The Department pioneers the field of the microprocessor hardware and embedded computing systems for 30 years. Developing and studying high-assurance distributed management information systems, controller area networks of industrial and transport automation (automatics, automatic control engineering), means of programming automatization and real-time distributed systems debugging are some of the areas of the Department’s scientific scope. Problems of creating embedded systems, real-time systems, reconfigurable systems and Systems-on-a-Chip are solved as a part of the "High-level management information systems design automation" research area. Moreover, efforts are underway to develop a concept of designing cyber physical systems and the area of creating IP-cores for Systems-on-a-Chip is advancing rapidly.

Members of the Department are working in International Research Centers

  • Laboratory of Architectures and Design Techniques for Embedded Systems and Systems on a Chip

  • Adaptive and Nonlinear Systems Lab

  • International Research Laboratory "Multimodal Biometric and Speech Systems".

Available International Programs

  • Bachelor’s program with University of Science and Technology Beijing

  • Double degree Master’s program with Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

  • Double degree Master’s program with D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University.

Internship possibilities for students and companies offering work placement for graduates

UCB "Electroautomatica", OJSC RI "Mashtab" LMT, Elcom Ltd, and Department’s laboratories. Our graduates work at CJSC‘PeterStar’,CJSC "PeterburgTransit Telecom", OJSC "MTT", OJSC "Svyazеransтeft", Administration of  the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of Saint Petersburg, OJSC "Radar-MMC", OJSC ‘Avionika’, tBricks, EMC, Dr. Web, Intel, JetBrains, Microsoft, Intel Labs, Sun Microsystems, Motorola Solutions, Yota Lab, Siemems, Alcatel, Luxoft, Reksoft, Exigen Services, i-Free, Promt, TSystems, Enkata Technologies, Digital Design, Arcadia, NetCracker, Grid Dynamics, Yandex, VIAcode, Devexperts, Actimind, Kentor, Oracle Development SPb, CJSC "Passat", MTS, Beeline, Speech Technology Center, Pulkovo, Sberbank, RZD, State Adchive, Pension Fund, Rostelecom, LOMO, CRI "Granit", St.Petersburg information and analytical center, LO ZNiiS, OJSC "Avangard", Transas, Russian Federal Nuclear Center – VNIITF, BCC, OJSC "Gazinformservice", Concern CSRI Elektropribor, Tune IT, CJSCNPP, Kortec and etc.




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