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Vladislav Bougrov
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The Department was established in 1983 during the detachment of optoelectronics in an independent field of science and industry.

The Department employs highly skilled professionals and has equipped educational and scientific laboratories.

The graduates of the Department go through intensive training in physical optics, solid state physics, optical methods for information transfer and processing, optical and physical measurements, laser technology, fiber and integrated optics, electronics, computer science and technology, opto-electronic media, art, ecology, foreign language, economics, management, etc.

Advanced training in a number of disciplines in the field of optoelectronics gives the graduates an opportunity to easily navigate the labor market. The graduates of the Department work in research institutes and laboratories, manufacturing and business. Many of them are on the leading administrative positions.

The Department’s employees’ research interests lie in the field of the optical materials science, solid state spectroscopy, informatics, optical and physical measurements and automation, interaction of optical radiation with various substances. The employees of the Department have business relationships with universities and companies in China, Germany and the United States with which there is a mutual exchange of information and experts held. The Department is interested in expanding of the cooperation with foreign partners.


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