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Alexey Korablev
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Department of Information Systems and Technologies in High-Tech Business  is  a  partnering Department with  the Cluster of High Technology and Engineering.

Master's training program - Information Systems and Technologies in High-Tech Business

Masters training at the department is conducted in accordance with modern Hi-Tech and IT technologies, their trends, promising areas of research - We know very well the requirements of modern high-tech market!

It is here where you will receive in - depth knowledge of modern technologies, experience in a cohesive team on real projects, develop good management and leadership skills that will allow you to choose any further direction of your professional activity: research , scientific and engineering or design and organizational management.

Main professional activities of Masters and graduates

  • IT and systems integration
  • measuring equipment
  • electronic components
  • IT-infrastructure and equipment
  • CAD and CCI
  • engineering consulting
  • telecommunication services
  • machinery equipment
  • design of companies
  • machine design
  • research activities, etc.


Preparation of masters is conducted by the best specialists of their regions and representatives of major HiTechkompany.

Experience and knowledge of our teachers, their tremendous skills will enable you to become excellent professionals and get an interesting and high-payed job!

In education are widely practiced active forms and methods: trainings and workshops.

For preparation of highly qualified specialists, marketable Hi-Tech and IT, in the educational process are included disciplines, aimed at obtaining knowledge and skills in the most advanced areas. Disciplines studied by our masters

  • System engineering
  • Fundamentals of working in BPM systems
  • Corporate IT architecture
  • Implementation Methodology of corporate IP
  • Basics of ERP systems
  • Administration of databases and applications
  • Intelligent systems and data analysis
  • Corporate Information Security
  • Implementation of Methodology of PDM- PLM systems
  • Basics of PDM- PLM systems
  • Standardization and regulation in engineering IT systems
  • Basics of CAD-CAM- CAE systems
  • MES systems implementation methodology
  • Fundamentals of MES systems
  • Fundamentals of Production Management
  • Fundamentals of CAM – PCS.

In the educational process is widely used the latest computer equipment, including multimedia, modern software systems, electronic textbooks and testing tools.


After graduation, our students are guaranteed to have access to employment in companies of Cluster of  High-Hech and Engineering such as

  • IT Concern R-Pro
  • R-Pro Consulting
  • Project-Management Center ProA
  • Institute of Innovation Technologies in Business
  • CSMSystemsAG(Switzerland)
  • Closed joint-stock company «NTC «OKRAD»
  • Closed joint-stock company  «Severen-Telekom»
  • АНО«Engeneering Counsil»
  • Closed joint-stock company «DIPAUL»
  • NEVA Electric Ltd
  • Closed joint-stock company«NTC «PETROPHARM»
  • Ltd «VAST Association»,
  • Ltd«5 Micron Engeneering»
  • Ltd «UPROTECH».

Cluster of High Technologies and Engineering  is an association of companies that provide quality services in the field of engineering and HiTech. The main objective of activity - encouraging the development of engineering and Hi-Tech industrial enterprises. Processes related to the modernization and development are required by the industry. Cluster provides to industry services of organization (modernization) of the design, technological, industrial, organizational engineering.

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