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Department of Technogenic Security Systems and Technologies

Mikhail Fedosovsky

The Department of Systems and Technologies of Technogenic Security (STTS) was established on 4 October, 2012 in a partnership with "Diakont" CJSC in the structure of the Department of Fine Mechanics and Technologies.

"Diakont" CJSC is an actively developing advanced Russian company, it is a modern engineering and manufacturing enterprise of a full cycle that is specializing in the design and creation of high-tech products to improve the safety of the nuclear and gas industry, as well as preparation for the production of high-speed precision electromechanical power drives of new generation.

The company has more than a dozen of Russian and International patents, patent applications and an enterprise in St. Petersburg.

The STTS Cahir is an educational and scientific structural division that holds the educational, scientific-methodological and scientific research, provides training and professional development for staff members. The direction of studies at the department is Instrumentation.

The Head of the Department of Systems and Technologies of Technogenic Security is the General Director of "Diakont" CJSC Mikhail Fedosovsky.

The main objectives of the STTS Department are

  • development and implementation in collaboration with the related departments of the NRU ITMO of programs of target training for masters, postgraduates and doctoral students
  • masters preparation in the 200100 Instrumentation direction, 200100.68.31 Methods and Technologies for implementation of analytical instrumentation equipment for tecnogenic objects security Masters’ Program
  • development and implementation of complex interdisciplinary research and development programs and projects of development  including projects with the involvement of international and foreign financial sources and partners
  • organization of industrial and intersectoral mobility of highly qualified specialists (primarily young specialists) for providing of the integration of science and industry
  • co-operative participation in competitions, grants and tenders in the field of scientifically intensive innovative technologies
  • preparation and implementation of the international Masters’ program Mechanical Engineering taught in English and students exchanging with partner universities during the project of creating of the Open University
  • training for postgraduates in specialties 05.02.18 Theory of mechanisms and machines and 05.13.06 Automation and management of technological processes and manufactures
  • organization of work places for the implementation of scientific research works for masters and postgraduates, as well as for the research practices of undergraduates at the "Diakont" company's laboratories
  • bringing the highly qualified staff of the "Diakont" company to the educational process of the University
  • preparation of offers and the organization of trainings at the "Diakont" company of students, postgraduates and teachers of the NRU ITMO
  • preparation of offers and implementation of the collaborative with ITMO University scientific papers and projects for the development of innovative methods and technologies for the implementation of equipment for Analytical Instrumentation  aimed at the production and use of devices and complexes, designed to provide the security of technogenic objects
  • development of cooperative programs of additional education to improve the skills and retraining of highly qualified personnel, including the usage of distance learning forms.

Nowadays ITMO University and the "Diakont" company have successfully implemented a number of research projects

1. "Development of a high-speed precision electromechanical power drives line, including the development of lines of embedded synchronous motors with permanent magnets and embedded electromagnetic disk type devices". The project is held since the August of 2012.

2. Forming of the "Creation of a highly technological manufacturing of precision high-speed electromechanical power drives of new generation" subject of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

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