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Department of Software Engineering and Programs Verification is the research Masters’ Department that was established in 2011 at the Department of Information Technologies and Programming ( FIT&P ). The initiator of the creation of the Software Engineering Laboratory was the Mail.Ru Group company.

The Head of the Department is Bertrand Meyer, Ph.D., the creator of the Eiffel programming language, the Professor of ETH Zurich, the author of a series of books and numerous articles that have contributed to the development of object-oriented programming and software engineering. Bertrand Meyer is the winner of ACM Software System award (in 2006) and the senior Dahl – Nygaard prize for object technology (in 2005), he is a member of ACM and the French Academy of Technology. Also, he is known as the leader of large-scale software projects.

The aim of the Department is to prepare students for innovative and research activities in conditions of stiff competition that is characteristic of the modern world developments market and research in the field of information technologies.

As part of the Department’s work there are research and innovative development held in the following directions

  • research in the field of confidential components : development based on them and multiple reuse
  • programming of parallel and multi-core structures
  • verification and proving of programs
  • automated Testing
  • software processes and stable objects
  • pedagogical instruments and pedagogy in computer sciences.

The graduates of the Department will be able to successfully implement themselves in commercial software development, as well as in research and innovative activities.

In 2012, the Department’s employee Evgeny Kapun with NRU ITMO team became for the second time the world champion in programming.

About Mail.Ru Group

The Mail.Ru Group (MAIL: LI, the listing is from November 5, 2010, was founded in 1998) is a quarter-back of the Russian segment of the network (according to ComScore, September 2011, Russia is the number one Internet market in Europe in size). The visitors of projects of the companies group are almost 84% of the monthly audience of Internet users of Russia (ComScore, December 2011). Furthermore, the Mail.Ru Group is in the top 5 of the world's largest Internet companies (ComScore, December 2011) in views of pages.

Due to the Communitainment strategy the Mail.Ru Group is developing a united integrated platform for communications and entertainment internet services. The company owns two of the three largest Russian social networks - Odnoklassniki and My World (TNS, December 2011), the two leading Russian instant messengers - Mail.Ru Agent and ICQ, the leading postal service, one of the largest portals in the runet ( in daily and monthly visiting, TNS, December 2011), as well as the portfolio of the largest online games.

The Mail.Ru Group is actively implementing educational projects in the field of IT. At the initiative of the company there were Departments established at the NRU ITMO and there was scientific practical center Technopark established which is oriented on training of qualified specialists for the Russian market of web development. Also the Mail.Ru Group has organized the open programming contests Russian Code Cup, the conference for developers Technologies Forum, as well as the series of lectures and master classes for students and IT- specialists. One of the major aims that the company wants to achieve is to give the young talented developers and researchers the opportunity to develop in their chosen field, to study the latest technologies and the experience of professionals.

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