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Dmitry Zhdanov

The Visualization Technologies Department is an Affiliated Degree Department of the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics. The Department's research focuses on creating complex computer models of light propagation in complex 3D scenes and development of highly efficient software solutions for photo-realistic visualization of complex 3D scenes such as pieces of architecture and interiors with complex lighting and observation conditions (interiors of buildings, cockpits, etc). Computer models and software solutions developed at the Department are used in virtual prototyping systems for visual assessment of different products like lighting equipment or special coloring agents, which allows excluding the costly physical simulation and increasing the introduction speed.

As part of solving the problem of physically adequate light propagation in optically complex devices, the Department's staff conducts research on creating physically adequate ray and wave models and algorithms of light propagation in light-conducting systems, light fluorescence and scattering in microstructural objects, light birefringence in boundaries of crystals, polarizing light scattering, and diffraction of light in regular and stochastic microstructures.

Algorithmic and software solutions of photo-realistic visualization and virtual prototyping are applied in the tasks of lighting design and design of complex lighting systems. The Department's team designs lighting devices of different types, including illuminating systems for liquid-crystal displays, control panels, energy-effective and ergonomic lamps, headlights, spotlights, and such. Software solutions developed at the Department are used for analyzing scattered light in optical systems and for developing artificial light shielding.


  • Fundamentals of Computer Visualization.

  • Real-time Computer Graphics.

  • Global Illumination Computational Methods in Computer Graphics.

  • Computer Graphics Methods to Photorealistic Visualization of 3D Scenes.

  • Computer Graphics Methods for Optical Device Design.

  • Scientific Visualization.

  • Visual Analytics.

  • Design of Light-Conducting Systems with Light-scattering Microstructures

  • Stochastic Raytracing in Optics: Methods and Means.

  • Scattered Light in Optical Systems: Computation, Analysis and Methods of Elimination.

International Programs

ITMO's Visualization Technologies Department, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics and Britain's National Centre for Computer Animation of Bournemouth University collaboratively conduct the ongoing workshop Visual Analytics focused on different aspects of theory and practice of solving modern tasks of data analysis with the use of interactive visual interface.

The Visualization Technologies Department in collaboration with the AMD Company work on introducing high-performance heterogeneous architecture to computer models of photorealistic visualization and virtual prototyping.

Partner Companies

The Department has established close ties with many leading St. Petersburg and Russian organizations, both governmental and commercial. Among them are Vavilov State Optical Institute, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, VOLO R&D Company, Luxoft AMD, the Transas Group, LG MC Russia Lab, FGUP GosNIIAS and others.

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